Unborn baby threatened with ASBO

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Lincolnshire police sent a letter threatening a woman’s unborn baby with an ASBO.

Charlotte Childs, who is 36 weeks pregnant, and her husband Damien were invited to attend a meeting with local police to discuss their son’s bad behaviour.

Mrs Childs, 33, from Lincoln, said: ‘The letter said there had been an incident of anti-social behaviour and our child was identified as being part of this group.”

It read: ‘The complaints are regarding groups of young people congregating and causing a general nuisance. Your child has been identified as being part of this group.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the nature of the complaints and the best way to resolve the issues.

‘We are also looking at providing diversionary activities in your local area and would like to seek both your support and your child’s attendance.’


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