Sham wedding fixer jailed

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieA sham wedding fixer has been jailed for three years at Basildon Crown Court on 14 April for arranging bogus marriages at a Tilbury church.

Abdallah Magezi, aged 36, was convicted at the end of a 4 day trial of conspiring to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law. The Ugandan national, at the end of his sentence, will supposedly be deported but that remains to be seen..

The couple whose wedding Magezi had set up, Dutch woman Roqsilmar Marti, aged 28, and Nigerian man Gafar Makanjuola, aged 32, had pleaded guilty to the same conspiracy charge at an earlier hearing. They will be sentenced at a later date.

Magezi had arranged for Makanjuola and Marti to marry at St John’s Church, Dock Road, Tilbury, on 25 August last year.

Makanjuola hoped that his marriage to an EU national would aid his bid to gain long-term residency in the UK with the associated rights to work and claim benefits.

Unfortunately for him UKBA officers stepped in to screw up the proceedings before the couple had a chance to exchange vows. I wonder if the UKBA officers waited until the vicar came to the bit where he asks if anyone knows why the couple can’t be married.

Anyway, when Magezi was stopped by police outside the church he attempted to scarper, running up Dock Road and hurdling a fence on to the railway line. Officers gave chase and arrested him in a nearby alleyway.

Magezi insisted that he believed the wedding was genuine. He said that when he was confronted by the officers he thought he was being robbed, which was why he ran and he explained that he had kept Marti’s identification document for her because he had deep pockets, that’s an original line.

Remember, anyone who has information about suspicious marriages or other immigration crime can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, let’s help UKBA seeing how ToffTory/LibDims are cutting UKBA staff to save money. Which is a bit stupid considering how much money they will save the taxpayer by chucking out all the illegals sponging off us!

Amir Khan

Remember when boxer Amir Khan said he was not fully accepted in this country because of his Asian Muslim background and insists he would be regarded as a “superstar” if he were white.

That really annoyed me because how can he expect mass support when to watch him fight not only do you have to subscribe to Sky Sports, about £40 a month because Sky entertainment package is needed as well as the £25 sports package, but his fights then cost £14.95 on pay-per-view. Fifty-five pounds to watch a fight that may only last 3 or 4 rounds.

His greed is what limits his fan support not the race card.

Anyway his greed was brought to the fore once again this weekend.

His Saturday fight at Manchester MEN Arena against Paul McCloskey had suffered from poor ticket sales due to it being on the same weekend as the Manchester derby FA Cup semi-final, which saw thousands of Mancunians heading south for Wembley plus Bolton supporters with a Wembley match on Sunday, so Sky decided to move the WBA light-welterweight contest to Sky Sports 3 instead of the planned pay-per-view.

British heavyweight prospect Tyson Fury was added to the bill by Hatton Promotions, but his proposed clash with former world champion Hasim Rahman has fallen through as Rahman refuses to travel from the United States.

Sky were believed to be unhappy with the undercard on offer, while also being unconvinced that McCloskey is a big enough name for pay-per-view despite his unbeaten record.

Khan Promotions got the hump over this and signed at short notice with Primetime pay-per-view, which costs £14.95, for anyone who wants to watch the fight, putting ‘Urgent Primetime info ahead of fight!’ on the Amir Khan website.

Khan’s fight with Northern Ireland’s McCloskey was his first bout in the UK for 16 months. His initial purse for the contest was expected to be £1.25m but the Telegraph reports that the amount is now likely to drop to just £250,000.

If anyone is interested the fight was stopped after an accidental clash of heads in the sixth round left McCloskey with a cut over his left eye. Referee Luis Pabon called in the doctor to examine the cut and on his advice, called a halt to the contest with the outcome decided on the scorecards and Khan was awarded every round by all three judges.

If you want to be a ‘superstar’ Mr Khan forget your bank balance and get your fights on ITV, claiming racism isn’t going to make you popular.


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