Call centre staff strike

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Broken Britain

Don’t some people talk a load of ‘pony and trap’.

Top picture shows call centre, hold up, or is it the bottom picture. I’m not sure now they are so alike.



Civil service call centre staff – with six weeks’ holiday a year, 37½ hour week, 36% work flexi-time or part time, 80% choose their shift times, not to mention maternity and paternity leave , air-conditioning – are going on strike over working conditions.

The Public and Commercial Services union says Monday’s strike is over ‘unacceptable working conditions’.

Regional secretary, Mr Middleman said: ‘These call centres are the modern-day equivalents of dark satanic mills’.

The 24-hour walkout is going ahead even though only a minority of staff voting for it, so much for democracy. Perhaps most of them were not at work when the votes were cast.

Thousands of pensioners and other vulnerable people phoning up to check on their entitlements on Monday will be told to call back later. Oh nice, hit the vulnerable!

When call centres are mentioned I immediately think of Indians, speaking of which

Six Indian immigration offenders face deportation after the UK Border Agency arrested them at a flat in Plymouth.

Acting on information received, the public are obviously doing their part to rid the UK of illegals, officers from the agency went to the ground floor flat in Walcot Close at 6.45am on Tuesday, 12 April.

They found six Indian men sleeping in blankets and sleeping bags on the floor of the two-bedroom flat.

The men were in the country on student visas, but enquiries revealed that none of their courses was based in the south west of England. The men confirmed that they were working illegally in the Plymouth area. Oh cor blimey, you’re nicked!

All six were arrested and taken to Charles Cross police station and are due to be deported in the coming days.


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