Caught on the wire

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieSeven wanna-be illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering the country after UK Border Agency officers found them hiding inside a lorry bound for Rhondda.

The men, four from Iran, two from Afghanistan and one from Iraq, were discovered at 14-00hrs on 31 March, by agency staff working in Calais, northern France.

Benji, a three-year-old body detector dog, sniffed out the presence of people on board and officers searched the Romanian-registered lorry, finding the stowaways hiding among its load of wire coil.

The seven were handed over to the French border police and the vehicle was allowed to continue on its journey to Clydach Vale.

Talking about unlucky sevens

Seven illegal workers have been caught by the UK Border Agency after raids on a care home, shop and restaurant in Torbay, Devon.

After a tip off UKBA officers targeted Renaissance Care Home and Oriental Touch, both on St Marychurch Road, Torquay, and 99p Store, Victoria Street, Paignton, on Thursday, 7 April.

At Renaissance Care Home, three workers from the Philippines were found to be working illegally. A man and a woman had stayed in the UK after their visas expired, while another woman was working in breach of the conditions of her student visa.

At Oriental Touch, a Chinese woman was working in breach of her student visa.

When officers visited 99p Store, they found three men – two from Pakistan and one from India – working in breach of their student visas.

Note: foreign students in the UK are only allowed to take up part-time employment during term time. Keep your eyes peeled.

All seven illegal workers were arrested and taken to Torquay police station.

The men from India and Pakistan have since been transferred to immigration detention pending their removal from the UK.

The other four people have been released on immigration bail while arrangements are made to deport them. That depends whether UKBA can find them again or be bothered too.

IlieDowning Street David say that mass immigration has led to “discomfort and disjointedness” in neighbourhoods because some migrants have been unwilling to integrate or learn English.

No mention of immigrants taking nearly 2 million of our jobs since 1997, nor that parents are having to take their children to schools in different areas at the same time because migrant children are taking school places, nor the 600 or so foreigners arrested every day for crimes, nor taking our homes, nor claiming benefits for children still in their home country, nor overcrowding our medical services, need I go on?

The King’s wearing no clothes!


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