Token crack down

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieVicars will no longer read the traditional wedding banns before church ceremonies involving migrants.

In an effort to crack down on sham marriages the Church of England will instead ask some couples to pay £100 to undergo rigorous background checks. Only a £100, should make that £1,000 as a deterrent.

The move will affect any ceremony involving a bride or groom from outside the EU, even if they are marrying a Briton.

The Home Office and the Church have decided, from today, to get vicars to do their work for them in an attempt to cut down on sham marriages.

Normally, couples are permitted to marry in church after the traditional ‘publishing of the banns’ – where their intention to wed is read out on three Sundays in church. In future, where one partner comes from outside the EU, they will be expected to pay for a ‘marriage by common licence’.

They will have to swear affidavits, give proof of identity and address, be visited by the vicar and attend wedding classes. Mind you it seems proof of identity and address is easy to forge for these people and a few wedding classes isn’t much of a deterrent when the prize is a British passport.

If a vicar is not satisfied an intended marriage is genuine, he will have to make this clear to the diocesan legal office responsible for granting the licence.

In guidance issued today, vicars have been urged to contact police should they feel they are being threatened or pressured to carry out a marriage. They can contact them but police turning up is a different matter.

If you’ve been following my blog you will know the number of suspected sham weddings in four years has risen from 282 a year to 934, or 18 every week.

Sham marriages aren’t always a bed of roses

A transsexual walked out on her British husband two weeks after he helped her win the right to stay in this country.

Ian Young spent £12,000 fighting for a British visa for his Malaysian wife Fatine – who was born Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari – after she claimed she would be jailed if she returned to her home country, where homosexuality is illegal. that old chestnut!

He claims his love for the 38-year-old pre-operative transsexual even saw him being hounded out of caretaking jobs at three schools by angry parents.

Mr Young, 32, who says that at one stage he tried to kill himself by overdosing on pills, is trying to rebuild his life after he was left jobless and homeless.

Oh blimey, pass my handkerchief I’m welling up!

The couple met when Mr Young was working as a security guard in Malaysia. At first he did not realise she had been born a man. Gor blimey, love is blind! When he discovered her secret, he continued the relationship despite her refusing to have sex-change surgery to become a woman.

Within the space of three years, Mr Young went from being a straight man who had previously had an eight-year relationship with a woman to being homosexual. Oh please, less details!

Fatine later moved into his house in Derby on a six-month tourist visa. The couple had a civil partnership ceremony at their local register office in 2009.

They fought for a full visa for Fatine after the request was initially turned down by the Home Office.

To support her visa case, Fatine included in her application death threats made against her on an internet site in Malaysia. Probably posted the threats herself. When she was finally granted a visa, Mr Young was overjoyed and began planning their future together. But two weeks later, she moved out.


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