British criminals for British crimes

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieSuspects linked to hundreds of crimes have been captured after the UK Border Agency’s e-Borders monitoring system successfully targeted wanted criminals trying to cross the UK border.

In 2010/11, e-Borders alerts led to 2,800 arrests after the details of 126 million passengers were checked against ‘watchlists’ of suspects wanted by the UK Border Agency, police, SOCA and HM Revenue & Customs.

Currently the e-Borders system checks 90% of flights from outside the EU, and only up to 60% of those from within the EU, to combat terrorist threats, spot organised criminals, stop immigration abuse and catch fugitives from justice.

Sixty per cent within the EU seems a tiny amount considering how many foreigners are arrested every day committing crimes in the UK. See earlier blog ‘674 foreigners arrested every day?

In the last year, the e-Borders system flagged suspects wanted in connection with a number of serious crimes and resulted in the arrest of people wanted in connection with 18 murders, 27 rapes, 29 sex offences, and 25 violent crimes.

Since 2005 it has also helped seize half a tonne of drugs, 5 tonnes of loose tobacco and nearly 7 million cigarettes.

More than 8,400 criminals, including rapists and murderers, have been intercepted since it was established.

Pity UKBA are facing massive budget cuts which will see them lose officers.


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