Forged stamps found

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Talking about foreign criminals as I was yesterday how about this for a first class scam

IlieAn attempt to smuggle 10,656 forged first class stamps into the UK through the Port of Dover has been foiled by the UK Border Agency.

The hoard of counterfeit stamps, worth almost £5,000 at 46p a time, was discovered in the boot of a car driven by Robert Krzysztof Aleksiejczyk when he arrived at the Eastern Docks from France on February 14.

After finding the haul during a routine search, border officers referred the find to technical experts at the Royal Mail and they confirmed them as forgeries.

A ‘routine search’, I wonder how much other illegal stuff gets through which thanks to government cuts to the UKBA budget will get dramatically worse.

Apparently about 5000 jobs are due to be eliminated over the next four years at the UKBA, in addition to the 1700 redundancies which were scheduled for 2010. These cuts would reduce the UKBA’s workforce of 24,000 by 20%. Can you ‘adam and eve’ that.

Anyway I digress, Aleksiejczyk, a 31-year-old Polish resident of Salford, has now been charged with possession of a false instrument under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act and has been bailed to appear before Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Just when I thought the Ashar Ali Rathore immigration scam was done and dusted here’s another update.

Izabela Glazowska was jailed for 8 months on Monday at Luton Crown Court in connection with the Ashar Ali Rathore immigration scam. Mr Rathore has already been sentenced to 2 years and his wife 8 months imprisonment.

There are still two Polish people to be tried in connection with this case. Agata Szubiak and Tomasz Sopniewski who have been summoned to appear at Luton Crown Court on the 6th of June 2011.

Another Pakistani national has absconded and is wanted by the police.


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