674 foreigners arrested every day?

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Police arrested more than 91,234 foreigners suspected of crimes last year, a 76% increase on the 51,899 arrested in 2008, the equivalent of 250 a day. Shockingly only 19 police forces out of 52, responded to a freedom of information request, so does that mean 246,331 foreigners could have been arrested at 674 a day?

IlieRural areas, which have seen large influxes of new migrants so farmers can have slave labour, have been particularly hit with one force seeing arrests soar from just 27 to almost 5,000 since 2006.

Chief constables have already warned that a rising number of foreign criminals has put huge pressure on resources such as officer time and translation costs.

Apparently it can take an officer up to six hours just to issue a caution to a foreign offender who does not speak English. Mind you many of those arrested are probably pretending not to speak English.

Arrests of foreigners made by the Metropolitan Police increased from 24,264 in 2008 to 58,870 in 2010 – up by 143%.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary which made 27 arrests in 2006 and 4,803 in 2010.

Durham Constabulary suffered a 629% rise from 65 in 2006 to 474 in 2010 and Humberside Police increased by 138% up from 865 to 2,055.

Arrests by Kent Police increased by 283% from 1,075 to 4,119, while Surrey Police saw a rise from 1,959 to 2,079 – up six%.

Perhaps it’s time the government had the ‘bottle and glass’ to deport all foreign criminals after serving their sentence even if their sentence was only a few hours community service in a charity shop!


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