Sham marriages, illegal workers, wanna-be immigrants……..

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Law & Disorder

………..welcome to UK Open House!

Over the past weeks I’ve kept you updated on this case but here is the whole ‘nitty gritty’.

IlieThree people pretending to be in bogus common law relationships have been convicted as a result of a UK Border Agency investigation in Luton.

Polish national Izabela Glazowska, 43, pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court to charges of conspiring to facilitate a breach of immigration law. She will be sentenced on 4 April.

Pakistani nationals Ashar Ali Rathore, 32, and Nadia Qadri, 33, had pleaded guilty to the same charges at an earlier hearing. Rathore was sentenced yesterday to 2 years in prison. Qadri had already been sentenced to 8 months.

Rathore and Qadri – who had married each other in Pakistan before coming to England – had faked relationships with two Poles, hoping that these fraudulent set-ups with European nationals would aid their attempts to gain long-term residency in the UK.

Glazowska had entered into an equally bogus relationship with a 3rd Pakistani national, who scarpered the UK in November last year before the investigation started.

Rathore and Qadri submitted numerous fraudulent documents to the UK Border Agency in an attempt to demonstrate that they were in long term co-habiting relationships with EU citizens. Yet, all along, Rathore and Qadri were living together in Luton as a married couple.

Both Rathore and Qadri – who were in the UK on student visas – had applied to the UK Border Agency for EEA residency cards on the basis of their fraudulent relationships. Intended for the non-European family members of European nationals, these cards give them permission to stay in the UK for an initial period of 5 years and allow them to work and claim benefits.

To support their applications, both had submitted fake lease agreements and council tax and utility bills. These fraudulent documents were identified by a UK Border Agency caseworker, prompting the criminal investigation that has resulted in these convictions. Well done that person.

They were arrested at their home address in Cornell Close by officers from an immigration crime team on 9 December last year.

Seven illegal workers at Dairy

Seven immigration offenders have been found following a UK Border Agency raid on a dairy in Pontyclun and a nearby house.

Acting on information received, officers from the agency went to Dhaliwal Dairy, Coed Cae Lane, Pontyclun, at 04:10 on 29 March. After the immigration status of staff was checked, three Indian delivery drivers aged 24, 25 and 30 were found to have stayed in the country illegally after their visas expired.

A 4th delivery driver from India, aged 31, was found to have no legal right to work in the UK.

A search of a nearby house in Maes-y-rhedyn, Talbot Green, was carried out and three further illegal immigrants from India were found.

Two 38-year-old men had entered the UK illegally, and a 30-year-old had stayed in the country after his visa expired.

Four of the men remain in immigration detention pending their deportation.

The 31-year-old and the two 38-year-olds have been placed on immigration bail and must report weekly to a local police station while arrangements are made to deport them, that’s if they don’t scarper to work illegally somewhere else!


Pharmaceutical company taking the urine?

IlieI saw an advert for a new painkilling product Nuromol last night, which apparently is combination containing 200mg of ibuprofen and 500mg of paracetamol. Hold up isn’t that two products which are already for sale and widely used.

Isn’t this a case of a company launching a new product which is a cocktail of two already on the chemist’s counter duping the public to buy nuromol instead of the other two?

A bit like a cereal company putting half a packet of corn flakes and half a packet of sugar puffs into one box and marketing it as their own calling it cornpuffs or something.

Their website ‘bumf’ says Synchro-TechTM is a patented technology about the production of a tablet which contains the active ingredients paracetamol and ibuprofen. Both actives are radically different in their dissolution profiles, ibuprofen dissolves faster in basic conditions than paracetamol, but dissolves slower than paracetamol in acidic conditions.

What we have here is a cocktail of two products, perhaps they should have called it Nuromol Sling!

Here’s something Mrs W spotted watching Emmerdale soap last night.

IlieDon’t the scriptwriters ever look back on village character history before writing scripts?

The character Eve Jenson gave the impression in the pub last night that she was a good mate of Kelly Windsor and had history with her. Yet Kelly left Emmerdale in 2000, Eve turned up 2001 and left 2002 and it wasn’t until 2005 that Kelly returned only to leave in 2007. Eve Jenson returned 2010 and Kelly has returned this year.

Mrs W asked me to look it up on the internet to prove her point, I don’t watch it myself.

It only took about two minutes to find that out, obviously scriptwriters who probably earn shed loads of money can’t be bothered.


Sham marriage arrest

Seven members of a wedding party, including the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’, have been arrested following a UK Border Agency investigation into the organisation of sham marriages.

Shortly after 11:00 on Monday 28 March, officers from UKBA Yorkshire immigration crime team disrupted a wedding at Leeds Town Hall as a 23-year-old Pakistani man and a 22-year-old Slovak woman prepared to take their vows. Both were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to assist unlawful entry into the UK.

Officers also arrested three Pakistani men aged 21, 23 and 32, and two Slovak women aged 22 and 32. All of the arrested people were taken to Bridewell Police Station in Leeds for questioning.

UKBA see through their plan

IlieEight Eritrean nationals, hiding in a lorry headed for Birmingham, have been prevented from entering the country after being caught at Calais. Eritrea must be devoid of people as they seem to be either in France or the UK.

At 3.35am on the 18 March UK Border Agency officers at the French port examined an Italian registered freight vehicle with a Bulgarian driver.

A sniffer dog called Tom, a springer spaniel, alerted his handlers to the presence of some wanna-be illegals in the back of the lorry. Rock on Tommy!

Officers then boarded the trailer and found four men and four women hiding among the load of rear car window screens which was en route to Birmingham.

The stowaways were removed from the lorry before being handed over to the French Frontier Police, to try and enter the UK another night I shouldn’t wonder.

Jail for sham marriage couple

IlieA Nigerian national Francis Oyenuga, 43, was jailed for 21 months on Friday 25 March at Burnley Crown Court for staging a sham marriage in a bid to cheat immigration rules and remain in the UK.

Oyenuga, who claimed to be living in Monk Street, Accrington was married to a bogus Czech bride at St Andrew’s Church in December 2008 having illegally entered the UK. Following investigations into marriages in Accrington, officers from the UK Border Agency arrested Oyenuga and he was charged with seeking leave to remain in the UK by deception, perjury.

On 3 March 2011 his bogus bride, Helena Kancova, 29 was sentenced for 14 months at Burnley Crown Court for perjury and assisting unlawful immigration to the UK.


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