British woman faces hard labour.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in General

IlieA British woman, who failed to return home since arriving in Jamaica in November 2009, is to be deported for breaches of the Immigration Act.

The accused, Suzan Margaret Featherstone of Nottingham, England, was ordered deported when she appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates Court on Friday. She was also fined $10,000 or face 30 days at hard labour in prison.

Ms. Featherstone was arrested in Russell Pen, Linstead in St. Catherine on March 19 by the Linstead Fugitive Apprehension Team after she failed to depart in early March.

Ms. Featherstone allegedly grew locks to disguise herself. She also told investigators that she is married to a Jamaican. However, police checks revealed no marriage took place.

By the way

The United States deported 1,548 Jamaicans last year, 80% of whom were convicted there of a criminal offence, 1,225 were deported for criminal reasons and the remaining 323 were classified as non-criminal deportations.


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