Police fun day or is it?

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IliePolice fun day or having a laugh at the public expense.

This snippet was sent to me by a reader. Westwood is an out of town shopping centre between Margate and Ramsgate, Kent. The reason why Margate has so many empty shops perhaps.

The police are fingerprinting willing “suspects”, a bit of harmless fun or a snaky way to solve all their outstanding burglaries?

Update on a sham marriage item I blogged back in December sent in by a reader.

“Hello Percy, I wanted to give you some information about a case that you wrote about in December. Ashar Ali Rathore and Nadia Qadri along with two Polish people who were arrested for carrying out a sham marriage in Luton. Nadia Qadri was sentenced to 8 months last month. Ashar Rathore and the two Polish people are being sentenced on Monday 28th March at Luton Crown Court. I hope they get their just deserts.”

Four people have been charged in Luton for involvement in an alleged immigration scam.
On 9 December, officers from the East of England immigration crime team arrested Ashar Ali Rathore, 32, and Nadia Qadri, 33, at their home in Cornel Close, Luton.
Officers suspected that the Pakistani couple conspired to obtain leave to remain in the UK by pretending that they were in common law relationships with a Polish man and woman. Change of rules to exclude common law relationships from reasons why illegal immigrants can remain in this country would knock cases like this on the head!
Agata Szubiak, 29, and Tomasz Sopniewski, 28, were arrested at their workplaces later the same day in Kempston, Bedfordshire and London Colney, Hertfordshire respectively. Ah well at least two jobs have been created for our long term unemployed unless the company replaces them with illegal workers.
During a search of the property in Cornel Close, more than £16,300 cash was seized using powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
All four individuals were charged with conspiring to facilitate a breach of immigration law and appeared at Luton Magistrates’ Court on 10 December. Rashore and Qadri were remanded into custody while Szubiak and Sopniewski were bailed.

All four will appear at Luton Crown Court on 28 February for a plea and case management hearing.

Some people you just can’t help

Madonna’s dream of building a school for girls in poverty-stricken Malawi has collapsed after £2.4 million was filched away without a brick being laid.

Funds raised by the singer from celebrity friends such as Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow were squandered on luxuries including golf course membership, and a car and driver for the school’s director, according to details of an audit revealed yesterday.

Madonna also plunged her own money into the school project which was going to cost £10 million but which has now been officially abandoned because of the financial scandal.


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