Another sham marriage gang arrested

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieAn international sham marriage gang spanning Rotherham to Islamabad was this morning targeted in a series of coordinated raids resulting in 10 arrests.

A specialist immigration crime team were behind yesterday’s arrests and with assistance from South Yorkshire Police, carried out multiple raids on addresses in and around Rotherham and Manchester.

The operation, code named Razorback, is the largest to date carried out by an UKBA immigration crime team in the region and is designed to arrest the gang leaders and organisers as well as their wanna-be brides.

The operation saw officers swoop on the Pakistani, Czech and Slovak gang members in their homes shortly after 07:30. It is believed that women from Eastern Europe were coming to the UK and offering themselves for a price as brides for would-be migrants.

Unlike previous sham marriages, the grooms are not in the UK but based in Pakistan. Their brides would fly out to get married and then return, submitting an application for their husbands to come and join them here in the UK. Officers suspect that the gang thought this less direct route would be less conspicuous than attempting to marry here in the UK. Nice try but no cigar!

Those arrested included one Pakistani man aged 25; one Pakistani woman aged 25; one Slovak male aged 19; and seven Czech and Slovak women aged between 21 and 36

All remain in detention for questioning whilst enquiries continue.


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