Two million unemployed is no problem

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Broken Britain

Is Iain Duncan Smith, the The Work and Pensions Secretary, fit for purpose.

He says “there are lots of jobs for the unemployed“.

IlieThe Work and Pensions Secretary said that unemployment would be significantly lower if jobless workers could be better-matched to the 500,000 job vacancies.

UK unemployment stands at 2.5 million. Mr Duncan Smith told the Conservative spring conference in Cardiff that was less of a problem than some have suggested.

Excuse me, that leaves 2 million people unemployed plus those who haven’t actually signed on like school leavers who are not entitled to Job Seekers Allowance and who have been put on training courses of little practical value. Two million unemployed not a problem?

“It’s shortsighted to say there aren’t any jobs at the moment. The fact is there are around half a million vacancies in the economy at the moment,” he said.

He reckons “It’s not the absence of jobs that’s the problem. It’s the failure to match the unemployed to the jobs there are.”

Hmmm, there’s me thinking the problem was 3 million migrant workers in this country taking our jobs.

Mind you the estimate include vacancies for temporary jobs in connection with the 2011 Census, which have been advertised since October 2010. Excluding the Census vacancies, there were in fact 466,000 job vacancies in the three months to January 2011.

I wonder how many of those 466.000 vacancies are part-time though.

Anyway it appears that there are 5 out of work people to every job vacancy which according to Mr IDS is not a problem.

Iain Duncan Smith, you’re fired!


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