No to Mob

Posted: March 5, 2011 in General

It’s good to see that someone is actually doing something about councils who use parking restrictions as a way of ripping off taxpayers out of more money.

A group of motorcyclists, No to Mob group, kept cash raising CCTV cars at home, leaving Medway Council with lost revenue.

IlieThe No to Mob group, which includes a taxi driver, a car dealer, a lawyer, a plumber and a retired salesman, are opposed to the two Smart cars which trawl Medway, Kent taking pictures of illegally parked cars.

Last Wednesday nine members of the group rallied for their regular meet or “$chunt”, only to discover the parking enforcers failed to leave the compound.

No to Mob action is estimated to have cost the council several thousand pounds in lost revenue from parking fines.
The riders say they are doing their bit for David Cameron’s “big society” by pointing out where the cameras are hiding.

Wearing high visibility jackets and plastic masks they feel the council is employing the vehicle as a “cash cow” and not for its intended purpose.

Leader of No To Mob’s Medway division, known as Monkey Girl, from Rochester, said:

“It was a result for us. It meant the public weren’t being ripped off by the council. “I spoke to one of the CCTV car drivers and he said there were too many of us and it would have been dangerous. “But as a rule we don’t have more than two riders next to the CCTV car because it would hold traffic up. “We don’t threaten the drivers, we’re just making the public aware of the CCTV car.”

The riders first took to the streets of Medway last August and Kevin Portch, a self-employed taxi driver from Frindsbury, is among about 40 active $chunters in the South East.

Controversy has surrounded the enforcement car ever since it took to the Medway streets in April 2008, with the drivers accused of ignoring parking restrictions to nip into fast food takeaways and public toilets.

The vehicle raked in more than £200,000 in fines in its first year, issuing 9,518 fines, before a second car was introduced in 2009. It is believed that the total revenue from the cars has surpassed £1 million.

Click on No to Mob logo for their website;


More Nigerians involved in sham marriages, exactly how many are in the UK?

IlieAn alleged international sham marriage conspiracy centring on Nottingham and the Netherlands was targeted on Wednesday 2 March in a series of coordinated raids resulting in nine arrests.

Specialist teams from the UK Border Agency immigration crime team officers were behind the arrests. Assistance from police forces across the country carried out multiple strikes to addresses in Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Devon and Ramsgate, Kent. Dutch police officers also raided addresses in Rotterdam and Tilburg.

The operation is the largest to date carried out by the UK Border Agency’s immigration crime team in the East Midlands and was designed to apprehend the suspected organiser as well as would-be brides and grooms.

The operation saw officers swoop on addresses across the UK and in the Netherlands shortly after 06:30.

A 34-year-old Nigerian national living in Nottingham was arrested by officers at the University of Nottingham on suspicion of conspiracy to breach immigration law. The man is believed to have organised sham marriages between Nigerian men and Dutch women with the ceremonies held at a church in Nottingham.

Six arrests were made in Nottingham 4th March – four men and two women. One female was arrested in London, one male in Ramsgate and one male in Rotterdam.

All remain in detention for questioning while the UK Border Agency continues with its investigation.


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