New radical process for returning failed asylum seekers….

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

…………but is it?

IlieA supposedly ‘radical’ new process for managing the return of families found to have no right to be in the UK has started this week.

The word radical somehow suggests to me something new, exciting and quicker which it doesn’t appear to be. This so called radical new process is a slow plodding, long winded with loads of bureaucratic bodies involved giving ample time for human rights lawyers to make money out of theses cases, local community action do-gooder groups to gather support to keep failed asylum seekers in the UK and plenty of time for families to disappear amongst the 100,000’s illegals already here.

A new Independent Family Returns Panel is claimed to be one part of a wider, updated approach to managing family returns. The new 4-stage process aims to return those with no right to remain in the UK with dignity, ensuring the welfare of children at all times.

The 4 stage process involves:

decision-making which will be strengthened through the creation of specialist family case owners within the UK Border Agency, the development of pilots to test new ways of working with families and our continuing work with the UNHCR (the UK Refugee Agency) to test and improve the quality of UKBA decision making.

Assisted return, including family conferences to discuss the family’s return home, welfare and medical concerns and the availability of tailored assisted voluntary return packages to help families resettle upon their return all paid for by taxpayers money in a time when we are being crippled by financial cuts to services;

required returns for families who fail to take up assistance packages, allowing them to remain in the community, but giving two weeks notice to board their flight home and allowing self check-in without the need for enforcement action; two weeks to disappear or appeal.

an ensured return, as a last resort for families who refuse to depart the UK.

Why not start the process with ‘ensured return’ thus cutting the time and cost?

The new family returns panel will advise the UK Border Agency on return plans to ensure the welfare of the child is taken properly into account. Options will include a form of limited notice removal, the use of open accommodation and as a last resort where families resolutely fail to comply, family friendly, pre-departure accommodation.

The panel will provide expert advice to the UK Border Agency on the best method of ensuring the return of individual families, taking into account the specific welfare needs of children.

The law is an ass

IlieA man was jailed for viciously attacking a wheelchair-bound former firefighter in his Buchan home.

John McArthur McDonald was found guilty of assaulting Adam Bruce with a kettle and drawers after a five-day trial at Peterhead Sheriff Court.

Apparently John McArthur McDonald’s cousin, John Stephen McDonald, 20, is already serving a 30-month sentence for his part in the attack. Thirty months, out in fifteen, for assaulting a one armed man in a wheelchair.

John McArthur McDonald, 24, a prisoner at Aberdeen, sat in the dock and stared straight ahead as the jury of nine men and six women returned their guilty verdict in less than an hour.

Although Sheriff Marysia Lewis called the offence “horrific” the thug was only given a 14 months sentence, what sort of punishment is that? One thug gets 30 months the other 14 months for kidnapping, assaulting crippled man in a wheelchair and then robbing him and stealing his car.

Mr Bruce, 28, who worked as a retained firefighter before being injured in a motorcycle accident, said that what the two men had done to him was unforgivable.

Speaking at his home in John Morrison Crescent, Maud, he said: “How could they attack someone who is in a wheelchair and who only has use of one arm? I’ll never forgive them.”

Giving evidence during the trial, Mr Bruce told the court he was “given a hiding by two boys” at his home last year.

John Stephen McDonald, who took to the witness stand to testify against John McArthur McDonald, claimed his cousin had a part to play in the attack as well.

John Stephen McDonald, who is detained at Polmont young offenders institution, pleaded guilty in July last year to abducting and assaulting Mr Bruce and stealing a number of items from his home and a car parked outside.

The Crown Office had requested no reporting of that case took place until the case against John McArthur McDonald had been dealt with.

Exactly why does UK give India foreign aid, shouldn’t they be giving us some?

Jaguar Land Rover is to start building 2,000 vehicles a year in India, the company announced yesterday.

It will start its overseas production drive with the Land Rover Freelander 4×4, but Indian bosses made clear that other Land Rover and Jaguar models are set to follow.

The luxury and sports car company is now owned by the giant Indian industrial conglomerate Tata, which also owns Corus Steel and Tetley tea.


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