Nearly one foreign immigrant every minute…..

Posted: February 23, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

…………..and that figure doesn’t include illegal immigrants!

IlieI read in yesterdays Daily Mail, yes Mrs W only bought it to get the free dvd first series of Lark Rise to Candleford, that Labour let in 3.2 million immigrants with no public consultation although they wouldn’t have taken any notice anyway – a bit like councils’ attitude to planning applications.

It is also estimated that a million illegal immigrants are in this country too which is probably true judging by how many are being caught working illegally now the UKBA are doing their job properly under the Tory/Lib coalition government even with the do-gooding LibDims in tow. Which implies to me that Labour told UKBA not to catch illegal workers!

A Migration Watch report estimates 5.5 million foreign migrants arrived in 13 years of Labour government which equates to 423,000 every year or 48 an hour, nearly one a minute!

Since 1997 75% of new jobs went to foreign born workers which makes cutting benefits to long term unemployed a cost cutting exercise rather than to force the unemployed back into work.

Daily Mail also reported that nearly 90,000 young Britons are languishing on incapacity benefit rather than taking up jobs or training. It also states many of the 18 to 24-year-olds are claiming the benefit within months of leaving full-time education.

Notice the age group being highlighted, ’18 to 24′ in their report that 90,000 are claiming benefits on leaving school.

But hold up I’m a great believer in reading between the lines of newspaper reports and don’t believe anything you hear and only half what you see.

What about the 16 to 18 year olds they don’t get benefits, parents like myself have to support them while they chase non-existent jobs or are beaten to them by foreign born youths or illegal workers. Last week it was reported that 965,000 young people are out of work, if they are lucky the best they can hope for is a part-time job like my sons.

Which brings me nicely to one reason why we have so few job vacancies

A woman who made hundreds of thousands of pounds by employing illegal immigrants has been jailed.

Ukranian national, Halyna Semenikhina, 42-years-old of Well Street in Hackney was found guilty of assisting illegal immigration and money laundering on Wednesday 16 February following a trial at Southwark Crown Court. The judge sentenced her to 5 years in prison. Is that all, for keeping our jobless on benefits

Her prosecution followed a raid on the Lanesborough Hotel on Hyde Park Corner on 12 August 2010. Two contract cleaners were arrested for immigration offences. They told officers that Semenikhina was their boss.

Investigators from the London immigration crime team discovered that Semenikhina was responsible for recruiting and supervising the employees. She had their wages paid direct into her bank account, and would charge them at least £200 per week for accommodation. How much were they supposedly earning?

Financial investigations revealed that, at the time of her arrest, Semenikhina had more than £380,000 in her numerous bank accounts. I hope this is confiscated and used to pay benefits to the unemployed.

Here’s another

A gang from west London has been jailed for a total of 26½ years for helping illegal immigrants get into the UK via Heathrow Airport.

Four men – Nerman Singh aged 33, Saran Singh Kapoor, aged 37, Subir Singh Sarna, aged 43 and Davinder Singh Chawla, aged 37 – were all found guilty of conspiring to facilitate unlawful entry to the UK on 14 January at Isleworth Crown Court. Another man, Afghan national Paramjeet Singh Baweja, aged 39 had admitted the charges at a previous hearing.

The prosecution followed an investigation into the arrival of eight Afghan nationals without passports at Heathrow Airport in 2009. In each case they claimed asylum.

The five were arrested during a series of early morning raids carried out by UKBA officers and Metropolitan Police Service officers in Hounslow, Southall, Isleworth and Feltham during September 2009.

The gang’s plot involved flying their ‘clients’ from India to Bangkok. Once there, they would be provided with counterfeit passports, visas and boarding cards for onward flights to Heathrow. The boarding cards were obtained by gang members who had checked in using genuine documents in their own names or those of family members.

A number of other attempts to get to the UK by the same method were intercepted by UKBA officers based in Bangkok, who stopped the individuals boarding flights to London.

and here’s another

The owner of a string of Bengali restaurants was sentenced to a two year jail term on Friday 18 February after admitting trying to cheat UK immigration rules.

Mohammed Hifzuil Rahman, aged 46, of The Red Fort Restaurant, Keswick, was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court to 2 years after he pleaded guilty to seven offences of facilitating illegal working in the UK.

This result follows an investigation by UKBA officers from their immigration crime team that started back in July 2009. During repeated visits by officers to Rahman’s three Cumbrian restaurants several illegal immigrants were found to be working and living on site.

Co-ordinated warrants were executed by the immigration crime team at all three of Rahman’s restaurants in Keswick, Grange-over-Sands and Sedbergh. During the investigation, more than 35 foreign nationals were found to be illegally working under Rahman’s employment. Often these individuals had entered the UK illegally or overstayed their visa. Thirty five illegal workers and he only got two years, should have been each!

Rahman was arrested for offences of facilitation relating to employing and harbouring individuals not entitled to be in the UK. He was charged and has subsequently pleaded guilty.

Do your bit to help our country, anyone who has information about immigration crime contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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