Unions more concerned with migrant workers….

Posted: February 19, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

………..than unemployed British workers!

Someone has sent me in a newspaper clipping, apparently Unite union were planning a protest at Thanet Earth about Polish workers’ contracts. Dutch owned Thanet Earth is a massive complex of greenhouses near Margate, about 12 football pitches worth which chucks out massive amount of light at night causing light pollution and which uses massive amounts of water in an area noted for water restriction in summer.

IlieAt the time of planning to appease the locals it was said that 450 jobs would be created for the unemployed in this area of high unemployment. But alas as usual that went out the window as soon as Thanet Earth was up and running and virtually all the new jobs went to Polish and other Eastern European workers provided by agencies such as HR GO plc, which has a network of over 50 offices predominantly throughout the UK and Spain and is one of the top 65 recruitment organisations in the UK.

On the HR GO website they proudly state 2007 marked a major milestone when the Group celebrated its 50th anniversary and record profits. Providing cheap, throw away workers must be a growth industry.

Even the security company Thanet Earth use was an international one proudly announcing in the local paper they employed ex-gurkhas, it was the time of Joanna Lumley fighting to keep retiring gurkhas in the UK, a nice pc move by Thanet Earth.

Not a mention of any protest by unions concerned about jobs being given to foreigners instead of unemployed locals though.

No, Unite’s ‘beef’ with Thanet Earth is that after two years the foreign workforce has been kept in ‘temporary’ agency status.

Isn’t this why companies use foreign labour, workers can be got rid off at any time, daren’t take holidays as their job may have gone to another foreigner when they return and work hours can be slashed at any time.

Now under the ToffTory/LibDims the long term unemployed in this area, like all over the country, are to have their housing benefit cut by £10 a week to encourage them to find jobs. What jobs, any new jobs are being taken by migrant workers!

Who fights the corner for the unemployed, it seems once workers have lost their jobs they are forgotten by their union. I remember being in the Transport and General in the 60’s where never a meeting went by without some reference to immigrants taking our jobs and what the union was going to do about it, how times change.

In my experience the best way of getting a job is through a mate working for a company who gives you the nod when vacancies occur.

Wouldn’t it be nice if unions who took your subscriptions for years didn’t forget you but kept in touch and tipped you off about job vacancies.

Now for something completely different.

A convicted murderer shot a burglar while working as a security guard at a Paddock Wood scrapyard.

On Friday, Maidstone Crown Court was told that Brian Turley, 62, who was living in a caravan in Brenchley after serving 11 years of a life sentence in jail for murder, had moved to Kent from Leeds and got a job as a security guard and caretaker.

However, on the night of November 23 last year, he was guarding a vehicle recycling yard belonging to Charles Trent Ltd in Willow Lane on the outskirts of Paddock Wood when Darren Maile and Charles Harris broke in.

Turley confronted them and after warning them not to move as he had a gun, he then shot Harris in the foot.

Turley told the police he had bought the single barrel shotgun as a “scare tactic” and said it had gone off accidentally, that old chestnut. Hold up, how does an ex-murderer walk into a shop to buy a shotgun. Do Argos sell them now? How did he get a shotgun licence if he didn’t who sold it to him illegally?

Harris said he had suffered an asthma or anxiety attack, but was ordered by Turley to go to the office and was then shot in the foot. Despite the pain Harris then ran to the office to join Maile, it was Maile who phoned the police. Harris later underwent surgery to remove pellets which were embedded in his flesh.

Turley pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm when prohibited, although an assault charge was dropped.

Turley, who has already been recalled to prison under the original life sentence imposed on him at Leeds Crown Court in 1990, was sentenced to a further three years, and will now remain in prison until the parole board orders his release.


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