Eight wanna-be illegals caught.

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Eight Sri Lankans have been deported after they were found in the back of a lorry by UK Border Agency officers at Harwich in the early hours of the 15th February.

IlieThe wanna-be illegal immigrants – 7 men and 1 woman – had hidden in the vehicle before crossing the North Sea on a ferry from the Hook of Holland.

When the HGV was selected for examination the Sri Lankans showed up on an X-ray scan of the trailer.

Brian Hill, UK Border Agency assistant director at Harwich, said:

“When officers opened the trailer doors, six of them came out straightaway. Two others attempted to hide, but the scanned image was so sharp that we knew exactly how many we were looking for.
‘Immigration checks indicated that the eight had already claimed asylum in France. We were able to process them quickly and get them back on a ferry heading for mainland Europe within a matter of hours.”

If they have already claimed asylum in France surely it would benefit the French to turn a blind eye to the illegals boarding a UK bound lorry. Maybe I shouldn’t cast aspersions.

Anyway, the Dutch driver and co-driver of the vehicle – which was carrying exhibition equipment to a business address in Redditch – were arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration and have been bailed pending further enquiries. Does this imply that the Dutch driver took money to transport the illegals into the UK, if so let’s hope a prison sentence is handed out to act as a deterrent.


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