Blue badge price to rise 500%

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Broken Britain

ToffTories/LibDims think the Blue badge for disabled people, which allow free parking in some pay-and-display bays, at meters and on single and double yellow lines, is being abused. According to them the fraud costs town halls millions of pounds a year in lost parking fees and fines so they use this as an excuse to increase the price of a badge from £2 to £10 – a 500% increase.
IlieMinisters estimate that around half of the 2.5 million users are not really entitled to the badges and the fraud costs town halls millions of pounds a year in lost parking fees and fines.

The badges are used by registered disabled people with mobility problems who without them couldn’t go out because they would be unable to park near where they need to be.

Mind you there are so few disabled parking spaces in and around supermarkets and hospitals that the blue badge can be of no use. In hospitals for instance, if a disabled parking bay is unavailable the driver has to pay for a parking ticket like everyone else.

Trouble with the government is they act on estimates and probabilities, they estimate 1.25 million users are not entitled to badge, they surmise that without the badges disabled people would probably park illegally or pay to park and that able-bodied drivers could be cheating taxpayers out of £14.7 million a year in this way.

Offenders can face a fine of up to £1,000 so it would be easier, cheaper, more of a deterrent and more profitable for parking attendents to stand by a car displaying a blue badge and ‘nabbing’ those abusing the system as they returned to their vehicle.

Under Government’s plans, to be announced within days, councils will be given additional powers to impose checks on applicants similar to those undergone by people claiming disability benefits. Obviously this is going to cost taxpayers extra money in times of budgetary cuts and of course unnecessary duplicating because new checks on people claiming disability living allowance will already have sorted out who is entitled to the blue badge because of lack of mobility and who isn’t!

The scheme was introduced in 1971, with badges granted automatically to those who are on certain disability benefits, receive a war pensioner’s mobility allowance or who are registered blind and driven by a carer.
The government say others who need a badges on health grounds can apply, stating why they qualify and that many councils currently issue the badges without any medical checks and solely on the basis of an application letter.

In fact when applying for a badge, proof of entitlement has to be sent off in the form of an award notification stating you are entitled to the higher mobility DLA rate.
The Department for Transport has called the scheme “a vital lifeline to disabled people” – two-thirds of whom are over 65.

What the ToffTory/LibDims really care about is an extra £8 multiplied by £2.5 million! Hit the old disabled people, a soft target, who’s going to fight their corner?

  1. Anon says:

    Actually I think you will find that the reform programme was started by labour. It was originally intended to push the fee per badge up to £20 which has been changed.
    In addition to this they are replacing the current badges which cost Local authorities just 50 pence with new ones that are harder to forge which will cost Local Authorities £5 each.
    Also it actually costs Local Authorities around £10 just in admin and medical verfication costs per badge.

    Oh and it will save you on average £100 quid a year+ on park. Its not actually such a bad deal!

  2. mr j douglas says:

    I had to pay £20 for my Blue badge in May 2011 Aberdeen .
    So is Aberdeen council over charging

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