Incapacity claimants to be forced to search for non existent jobs.

Posted: February 11, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

Apparently two thirds of those currently claiming incapacity benefit are fit for work.

IlieIn two pilot areas, Aberdeen and Burnley, new benefit eligibility tests have been tested. Of almost 1,400 claimants, only 422 were found to be in need of unconditional state support. What does the phrase ‘state support’ mean, is this the person who gets an incapacitated person in and out of a wheelchair, drives them to work, wheels them into a factory to plonk them in front of a machine? The others were either deemed capable of returning to work or carrying out some work, possibly part-time, with support.

Ministers say it could pave the way for 1.80 million people to be taken off the benefits and asked to return to the workplace.

But hold up, a lot of those have been encouraged to claim incapacity benefit by the Job Centres to get them off the unemployed list to improve figures for the Labour government. I have a relative who was encouraged to do so!

ToffTories claim 70% of those claiming money on the grounds that they were too sick to work were in fact capable of holding down some form of paid employment.

Excuse me, there are no jobs out there for another 1.80 million jobless people mostly because figures reveal migrant and illegal workers have taken most of our newly created jobs. In my area of the country the ratio for unemployed people to job vacancies is 14 to 1!

Last night, Chris Grayling, the employment minister, Conservative MP for rich area Epsom and Ewell, educated at The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, followed by Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, ex BBC producer so he knows all about how hard it is to get work, NOT said:

“The Aberdeen and Burnley pilots began in October last year. If the 30% of claimants found to be unfit to work in those areas was repeated nationally, it would mean 1.80 million people could be taken off incapacity benefits and told to find jobs.”

Pretty galling when you consider ToffTory/LibDims are throwing more people onto the unemployment list with their hasty budget cuts.

Mr Grayling’s Wikipedia entry makes interesting reading especially the bit under the heading ‘Expenses claims’.


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