Virtual shops

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Broken Britain

Medway Council, Kent, has spent £45,000 on artwork in shop windows depicting stocked shelves and smart interiors to cover up disused high street shops. The idea being to stop their high streets looking like ghost towns

IlieThe “virtual shops” have been springing up over the past couple of months, Newcastle Council have been doing the same too.The council’s regeneration director, Robin Cooper, said: “We are committed to supporting business growth in Medway and using every opportunity to make our high streets and shopping parades attractive, vibrant places for shoppers and potential investors alike.
“We are always looking at innovative ways to put empty shops into use and this project, funded by central government, is helping to brighten up shopping areas, where empty, unsightly shops would otherwise have a negative effect on neighbouring businesses”.

Why not reduce business rates and get real shops you may say?

How long before be have a virtual country, great big hoardings put up around ports depicting factories belching smoke, skyscraper offices, suburban houses with Stepford type wives in gardens looking after happy smiling children playing and delivery vans on every road.


Royal wedding not in 3D

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding will not be filmed in 3D because of the space needed for the format’s cameras and its relatively small audience. Thank goodness for that, I wouldn’t want those two stepping out of my tv and seeing my shabby carpet and secondhand furniture!

In a world of silly, petty EU safety rules and regulations, how mad is this?

Ministers are to cut the minimum distance from which a British motorist has to be able to read a number plate, following a change in EU law aimed at standardising the rules across Europe. Why has the UK always got to change, why not other countries changing to our standards?

Under the new requirements the reading distance would fall from 65 feet and seven inches (20 metres) to 57 feet and 5 inches (17.5 metres).

Letters on UK plates are considerably larger than those in France and Italy, but British drivers will still have to undertake the same distance test. This reduction in eye test distance will surely cost lives.


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