Four day week for schools

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Broken Britain

IlieIt seems one of the effects of Downing Street David’s drastic budget cuts is schools are planning to start a four day week.

What happens to the kids whose mums work a five day week remains to be seen. Dumped on grandparents, left to roam the streets, mum asking to work a four day week, or mums having to give up work all together because employers want five days a week staff.

A Scottish council is examining the introduction of a four-day week for all primary and secondary schools as it struggles to balance budgets in the face of unprecedented ToffTory/LibDims spending cuts.

North Ayrshire Council said it was considering the plan in the medium term and claimed it was not alone in looking at the radical solution to delivering its education commitments from scarce resources. If it goes ahead with the changes they could come in for August 2013.

At present, the law does not specify the exact length of a school week. Under regulations dating from the 1970s, schools are required to be “open” for pupils for a minimum of 190 days a year. But how that statutory minimum is interpreted is a matter for councils.

North Ayrshire’s director of education, Carol Kirk, said other Scottish councils were looking at the options of pushing the statutory 25 hours a week for primaries and 28 hours for secondaries into four days instead of five.


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