Sham marriage is multi-national business.

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Two people were arrested on the 3 February by officers from the UK Border Agency’s North East Immigration Crime Team on suspicion of using a sham marriage to dodge UK immigration rules.

IlieThe arrests come at the end of a month long operation tackling suspected sham marriages in the region. In total the team have now arrested 14 people, all suspected of either planning or taking part in a sham marriage.

A 26-year-old Jordanian man was arrested at an address in Avon Avenue, North Shields, and a 22-year-old British woman was arrested at an address in Newcastle City Centre.

Other arrests in the North East carried out by the UK Border Agency Immigration Crime Team as part of the operation in January include:

A 22-year-old Czech man and a 24-year-old Nigerian woman were arrested on Thursday 6 January. The man was arrested at an address in Hampstead Road, Benwell, and the woman, who was living at an address in Luton, was arrested at her work address in Throckley. Two other Nigerian men, both aged 45, were also arrested in connection with the investigation. One of the men is now being removed back to Nigeria. Officers also seized three fake passports from the Hampstead Road address.

A 28-year-old Indian man and a 27-year-old Lithuanian woman were arrested on Tuesday 11 January at an address in Stanley Street, Wallsend. A 24-year-old Lithuanian man was also arrested at the same address in connection with the investigation.

A 25-year-old Indian man arrested at an address in Kindersley Street, Middlesbrough, and a 29-year-old British woman at an address in Clarendon Road, Middlesbrough, on Thursday 13 January.

A 33-year-old Nigerian man was arrested at an address in Brighton Grove, Benwell, Newcastle, on Tuesday 18 January.

A 24-year old man from Pakistan and a 20-year-old British woman were arrested at an address in Hindmarsh Drive, Ashington, on Thursday 20 January.

Each was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. All have now been released on bail to disappear and never be seen again unless they’re caught working illegally or involved in another sham marriage.


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