ESPN ripping people off!

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieDo you remember playing football as a kid and just when the game was getting exciting the kid whose ball it was got upset by something and just picked the ball up and said he was going home. Well that pettiness is alive and well and being carried on by ESPN tv.

I had an email sent to me from a blog reader. Apparently he works nights so we’ll call him the ‘nightworker’ from here on in. The nightworker likes watching UFC which is a mixture of boxing and judo fought in a cage rather than a boxing ring. It’s pretty violent stuff, I’m a fan myself. Anyway ESPN are the only tv channel that show it so the nightworker subscribed to ESPN at £12 a month. Big events between 3 and 4 hours long are screened either 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning so the night worker started to record them on his skybox to watch during the day.

Unfortunately it appears the fights cannot be viewed during the day, because of the violence I suppose, so the nightworker watched them the nights he was off. UFC seem to have these big events every fortnight but the nightworker had to start working more nights to cover flu sickness where he works. He soon got behind with watching his recordings, couldn’t watch them during the day and he worked at night so he decided to cancel his ESPN subscription as he was paying £12 a month for nothing. His night working hours then dropped as the ‘sick notes’ started to return to work and things got back to normal.

A golden chance to catch up with his UFC recordings you would think; no chance, apparently because he had unsubscribed he was no longer allowed to watch his supposedly recorded programmes even though he had paid to view them by paying £12 a month subscription.

Don’t subscribe to ESPN so can’t watch recorded programmes what a cry baby attitude and a rip off!

To change the subject

Virtually every time I blog about illegal immigrants trying to enter the UK they turn out to be Eritrean. Can it be the same group of Eritreans continually trying to enter the UK or is their whole population trying to move to the UK?

Seven Eritrean nationals, hiding in a lorry headed for Leicester, have been prevented from entering the country after being sniffed out by a sniffer dog.

At 07:30 on 24 January UKBA officers at Calais, checking vehicles bound for Dover, examined an Italian registered freight vehicle with an Italian driver.

A specialist sniffer dog called Jack, a 4 year-old Springer Spaniel, alerted his handler to the presence of some unexpected passengers in the back of the lorry. Officers then boarded the trailer and found the seven people hiding among a load of paper bags en route to Leicester.

Five Eritrean would-be illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering the country after UKBA officers found them hiding inside a lorry bound for Flint.

The men were found in Calais after officers using carbon dioxide detectors had an indication that people were aboard the vehicle. Officers searched the Polish-registered lorry and found the five stowaways hiding among its load of paper towels.

Three wanna-be illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering the country after officers found them hiding inside a lorry bound for Gower.

This time the two men and a woman were from Afghanistan, they were found in Calais after officers working in the French port were alerted to their presence by wonder dog Jack. Well done Jack!

Officers searched the Hungarian-registered lorry and found the three stowaways hiding among its load of chicken farming equipment. After the find was made, at 06:40 on 24 January, the stowaways were handed over to the French border police and the vehicle was allowed to continue on its journey to its destination in Bishopston.


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