Knorr’s new ‘Illegal immigrant’ soup flavour.

Posted: January 21, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

IlieNine foreign nationals, hiding in lorries headed for Cannock, have been prevented from entering the country after being found by UK Border Agency detection dogs.

At 07:30 on Saturday 15 January agency officers at Calais, checking vehicles bound for Dover, examined a Portuguese registered freight vehicle with a Portuguese driver.

A body detection dog alerted his handlers to the presence of some would be illegal immigrants in the back of the lorry. Officers then boarded the trailer and found two women and a man hiding among the load of Knorr soup. All the stowaways were identified as Eritrean nationals.

Eleven days earlier another group of soup stowaways were found by a UK Border Agency dog at Calais on 4 January. UK Border Agency officers examined a Latvian registered freight vehicle with a Latvian driver. A body detection dog again sniffed out illegals hiding in the back of the lorry.

Officers searched the vehicle and found six Eritrean nationals, four males, two females and a partridge in a pear tree, hiding among the load of dehydrated Knorr soup. The lorry, like the vehicle searched on Saturday 15 January, was en route to Cannock.

What do we want? British made soup for British people!


A wanna-be illegal immigrant was found hiding inside a lorry load of garlic heading for Newington, Kent.

The Eritrean man, are these Eritreans the same people constantly attempting to get into the UK, was found in a Spanish registered lorry driven by a Bulgarian at Calais port in the early hours of Monday 17 January when officers noticed the trailer was not secured.The stowaway was handed over to the French border police and the vehicle was allowed to continue onto its destination. That’s all wrong that is, turn the vehicle away! Anyway if we grew our own garlic that wouldn’t have happened.

Downing Street David, this is why youth employment is so high

IlieFive illegal workers have been caught by UK Border Agency officers during a raid on a clothing manufacturer in Leicester.

UKBA officers visited Lily Ltd on Junction Road on Tuesday, 11 January, where they questioned staff and checked their immigration status.

Five Indian men, aged between 30 and 40, were arrested after checks revealed that three had entered the UK illegally while two were failed asylum seekers. None of the men had the right to work in the UK.

Here’s another reason

More than one in three people living in London were born outside Britain, an official analysis showed yesterday.

Nearly half of them arrived over the past decade in the flood of immigration that began under Labour government.

Almost four in ten of all the foreign-born people in the country live in London. They make up 34% of the capital’s population. Around one in six of the population of the capital have arrived in Britain since 2000.

More of our energy to be owned by foreigners.

Spanish wind turbine maker Gamesa unveiled plans to make a major investment in Scotland.
An offshore wind technology centre is to be created in Glasgow, while Gamesa, which is part-owned by ScottishPower parent company Iberdrola, signed an initial contract to set up a manufacturing base in Dundee.

There’s cuts to save money and then there’s cuts that will put our country’s defence at risk.

On Monday private contractors hired by the Ministry of Defence will chop off the wings of the first of nine Nimrod MRA4 aircraft. Apparently each £400 million aircraft will be draped in tarpaulin and dragged to a remote corner of an airfield where they will be chopped. Are the tarpaulins being used to hide illegal workers doing the work?


The Nimrod was designed as a Royal Air Force maritime patrol aircraft, the Nimrod MR1/MR2, with the major role being anti-submarine warfare (ASW), although it also had secondary roles in maritime surveillance and anti-surface warfare. It served in this role from the early 1970s until March 2010. The RAF also uses the Nimrod R1 variant in an electronic intelligence gathering (ELINT) role.


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