Women being mugged off by beauty product companies.

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

I once wrote an article called ‘Farming People‘ which explained how the people of this country are used as a commodity to make money by manufacturing companies, here’s a classic example.

IlieBeauty product companies have been selling skincare products at exorbitant prices for years aided and abetted by airbrushed photos of young models and celebrities. At the top end of the market a 100ml pot of Creme de La Mer moisturising cream, which contains extracts of sea kelp, can cost £970.

But it appears that some astute women have found an excellent cheap skincare product that gets results for just £2.54 at of all places Waitrose. Unfortunately it bears the name of Baby Bottom Butter, the spiel on the label says ‘a rich, camomile-scented blend of olive oil and vanilla essential oil, to nourish the skin and help protect against irritation’. I wonder if that’s irritation of a husband?

Anyway it was designed to protect babies bottoms, keeping them smooth, free from infection and sores, but it has become the top selling skincare product for people of all ages.

Waitrose sold a 14-year supply of the own-brand baby product in the space of just 12 months out-selling every skin cream, moisturiser and anti-ageing lotion sold at the chain.

Baby Bottom Butter was launched at Waitrose in 2005 following the supermarket’s decision to remove parabens, petrochemicals and colours from its own-label baby toiletries.

Well spotted women, Women 1 – rip off beauty product manufacturers 0

Do you ever stay the night at Travelodges and the like? Read on

IlieApparently the Travelodge hotel branch in Piccadilly, York has been found to be employing three convicted murderers.

Linda White, 55, a guest-room cleaner, stabbed her ex-partner John Sandilands to death after a row.

Pat Bulmer, 48, who works as a receptionist, lured her husband Robert to be knifed to death by her lover so she could claim over £30,000 from his life insurance policy.

Julie Richardson, 42, also a cleaner at the hotel, scalded her own father with a red-hot iron before battering him to death with the aid of two accomplices.

All three were supposedly jailed for life, but have been quietly integrated back into society.

The trio applied for the jobs at the Travelodgehotel while serving sentences at Askham Grange Prison as part of a scheme to get offenders into jobs soon after they are released. ‘Life sentences’, ‘release’ should those two words so easily go together?

Night, night don’t let the murderers strike!


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