Banned from driving for stealing birds eggs

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Law & Disorder

I was reading the RSPB birds magazine yesterday and a news item caught my eye. I’m no twitcher but I do like to see birds in my garden and regularly feed them and grow a selection of berry producing bushes and provide nesting places.
IlieAnyway this scrote, Aaron Kisiel of Bramcote – I’ve included a picture just in case you see him walking down the ‘frog and toad’ (road) with a load of eggs which don’t look as though they’ve been bought in a supermarket- was found guilty of possessing 28 wild birds’ eggs after the RSPB searched his home, which appears to be only a fraction of the eggs he has taken.

At his trial members of Derbyshire Ornithological Society said they saw Kisiel scrambling up a quarry bank in Youlgrave, in Derbyshire, close to a former peregrine falcon nest in April last year.

He was convicted of three charges of possessing equipment used to take wild birds’ eggs protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981.

When you bear in mind collectors of wild bird eggs can decimate an area of wild birds even making them eventually extinct his sentencing seems pathetic.

Kisiel was sentenced to only 84 days in jail, suspended for 12 months, so what sort of deterrent is this for destroyers of our wildlife. He has also been ordered to do a 150 hours’ unpaid work which as we all know means helping out in a charity shop. Maybe he will pick up some cheap camouflage clothes so he won’t be spotted stealing eggs again.

Now for something really strange, he was also banned from driving for 10 months. How can a person be banned from driving for a non driving offence? This isn’t the first post I’ve done on this new phenomena of banning people for non-driving offences. What next, banned from driving for smoking in a public place?

Hasn’t the judge considered a mate or a taxi driver might drive Kisiel to some rare bird nesting site or maybe Kisiel will buy a mountain bike cheap whilst he’s doing his community service in a charity shop!

Can you imagine the uproar from the human rights do-gooders if a hate preaching Muslim, living on state benefits, who can’t be deported is banned from driving to stop him travelling around the country.

Something is amiss with our judicial system and it’s not an unmarried woman.


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