Port of Harwich world record attempt.

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Ilie2011, a new year, a new digit to put on your cheques but other than that nothing changed. Although to be fair the new year seems to have brought us an attempt to break the record for most number of illegal immigrants sneaking into our country in one vehicle.

Twenty-four Kuwaiti nationals were caught by the UK Border Agency at the Port of Harwich attempting to get into the country in the back of a lorry.

The stowaways, 23 men and 1, 17-year-old boy, a 17 year old classed as a boy, weren’t some of our Battle of Britain pilots not much older than him, were caught in the early hours of the morning when they arrived on a ferry from the Hook of Holland.

Alerted by a discrepancy in the lorry’s paperwork the vehicle was selected for further examination. Brian Hill, UK Border Agency assistant director at Harwich, said:

“‘When officers opened the doors of the trailer they found the stowaways hiding inside in amongst the mixed load of goods.This is the biggest single detection of clandestines at Harwich that I can recall”.

The driver of the vehicle has been arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration and is currently being questioned by the UK Border Agency.

The twenty-three men are due to be transferred to Campsfield House immigration removal centre for their cases to be dealt with. The 17-year-old will be passed into the care of Essex Social Services so they can send him to a primary school I shouldn’t wonder.


Two Indian nationals were prevented from illegally entering the country after they were caught hiding in a lorry of fertiliser heading for Knottingley in West Yorkshire.

The stowaways were discovered on Saturday 8 January in Calais, France by agency officers as they checked vehicles bound for Dover. Officers were alerted to the presence of the two migrants, by a sniffer dog trained to detect potential stowaways.

Opening up the lorry trailer, the officers discovered the two men, removed them and handed them over to the French authorities. The Romanian registered vehicle, which had a Romanian driver, was allowed to continue on its journey to Knottingley. That’s where we go wrong, the vehicle should be turned away and never allowed into the UK ever!

There’s more!

Four would-be illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering the country after agency officers found them hiding inside a lorry bound for Weymouth. The men all from Iran were found in Calais after officers working in the French port were alerted to their presence by a man’s best friend a ‘sniffer’ dog.

Officers searched the Polish-registered lorry and found the four men hiding in the load of dehydrated paper at about 07:40 on Wednesday 5 January. Does anyone know what dehydrated paper is? The stowaways were handed over to the French border police and the vehicle was allowed to continue on its journey to its destination in Dorset.

This will make you laugh or maybe not

IlieA man has been found guilty of taking part in a sham marriage presided over by a bent vicar at a church in Sussex.

The twenty-seven-year-old Liberian national Mikael Prince was tried in his absence at Hove Crown Court because, wait for it, he absconded from bail; can you ‘adam and eve’ that! An illegal immigrant involved in sham marriages given bail. We really are a nation led by donkeys.On Wednesday 5 January he was found guilty of avoiding removal from the UK and perjury offences. The judge sentenced him to 13 months in prison. A warrant has now been issued for his arrest. Horse, barn door, shut, comes to mind.

Prince, who’s last known address was St Margarets Road in Hastings, was arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency’s South East Immigration Crime Team as part of an investigation into a series of sham marriages at St Peter’s Church in St Leonards. He married Larisa Kuznecova, a Latvian national, in 2007 in the hope that it would help him stay in the UK.

Kuznecova admitted perjury during a hearing in December 2010, and was given a 12 month conditional discharge. Presumably set free to marry some other African in a sham marriage somewhere else in the country, Accrington maybe.

Andy Cummins, who heads up the South East immigration crime team, said:

“We would appeal to anyone who may have information about Prince’s whereabouts to come forward to us. We want to track this man down and put him behind bars”.

Shouldn’t have given him bail in the first place ‘me old china’!

In September 2010 three people were jailed for four years each for being involved in hundreds of sham marriages at St Peter’s – vicar Alex Brown, legal advisor Michael Adelasoye and Kuznecova’s partner Vladymr Buchak, a Ukrainian national who acted as a fixer for many of the couples.


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