Easier to be sacked if you are in private employment sector……

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Broken Britain

…but if you work in the public sector we’ll carry on buying you off!

IlieAccording to ‘Downing Street’ David Cameron companies are to be given greater freedom to sack under-performing workers as part of an overhaul of employment laws to boost the economic recovery. The new “employers’ charter” will allow companies to sack workers during the first two years of their employment without the threat of being taken to a tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Currently an employee can bring an unfair dismissal claim after only a year. To reduce the number of false allegations, workers will face a fee when lodging an employment tribunal claim. Oh yeah no justice for the poor!

The Government is also launching a review that is likely to see small companies excluded from some stringent employment laws. The length of time that firms have to pay workers statutory sick pay is set to be reduced as part of the shake-up.

Mind you public sector workers took an average of 8.3 days off last year, 43% higher than the private sector figure of 5.8 days. Apparently it is estimated that £5.5 billion could be saved by 2015-16 if the public sector matched the private sector’s absence rate.

David Cameron hopes that relaxed employment laws will help to boost the private sector and encourage firms to take on thousands of new workers or should that read thousands of migrant workers – why change a habit of a decade.

But of course no mention of getting rid of useless employees in the public sector.

Like the health service managers spending too much on the same supplies costing the taxpayer £1billion every year!
Funds are squandered needlessly by health trusts who are paying multiple prices for identical equipment – ranging from stationery to surgical instruments.

NHS trusts are routinely paying as many as 19 different prices for the same pacemaker, wasting up to £750 a time or computers which are being bought at needlessly high prices – wasting around 12% of the NHS’s purchasing budget.

Statistics showed that 18 NHS trusts paid 22 different prices for a J&J Linear Cutter surgical tool, with the cost ranging from an average £403, to a minimum £289.

There were also ten different prices paid for Huntleigh flowtron boots – which prevent DVT – with 17 trusts forking out an average of £2,002. However the lowest price paid was just £482.

Did you know also that no teachers have been fired for incompetence in almost half the local authorities in England during the past five years, figures from a TES investigation have revealed. Yet our education standards are one of the lowest in Europe.

Nationally, more than 3,200 teachers have gone through official competency procedures over the same period. This resulted in 273 teachers being sacked or accepting severance pay and leaving, but in 72 local authorities there are no records of any teachers being removed from their posts.

The figures highlight the enormous variations in how local authorities deal with underperforming teachers. In West Sussex, 385 teachers were subjected to competency proceedings, compared to just one teacher in four other councils.

The TES figures are from 123 of England’s 152 local councils, providing the most comprehensive picture to date of teachers being identified as substandard and the action taken against them.

Poorly performing school staff have received more than £2.3 million in severance packages and compromise agreements in the same five-year period. Note teachers are not tin tacked (sacked) but are paid large sums of money to go away, probably to be employed by another school in some other part of the country.

One more example of useless public employees still holding down jobs when they are obviously useless will suffice for the purpose of highlighting Downing Street David’s blinkered vision.

Poor financial management is plunging parts of the NHS into crisis. More than 100 NHS bodies are in deficit – 16 of them by more than £5million – according to the joint report by spending watchdogs the National Audit Office and the Audit Commission. According to the report services were being cut because of inadequate management of finances.

To see how it can pay to be a useless employee in the public sector read this.


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