Forcing incapacity claimants into non-existent jobs….

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Broken Britain

….how’s that going to work?

Chris Grayling, the work minister, has released figures showing 1.5 million people have spent more than five years claiming incapacity benefits which has cost taxpayers a total of more than £66 billion.

IlieThe Government is currently piloting new medical tests that will be used to assess whether incapacity benefit claimants are actually fit for work.

Ministers will receive the results of the pilots in the New Year. The scheme is then expected to be introduced nationally from April and according to him set to lead to hundreds of thousands of benefit claimants being forced to re-enter the workplace.

Hold up where are the jobs, already there are five unemployed people chasing every vacancy and ToffTory/LibDims are making the unemployment situation worse daily by making swinging cuts to services, not to mention the million or so migrant workers who have been allowed to steal our jobs nor the 100,000s of school leavers who don’t appear on any unemployment figures nor the extra years old people are being forced to carry on working instead of retiring and freeing up jobs.

Has he also considered that once a family man gets forced off ‘incapacity benefit’ and made to sign on to receive ‘jobs seekers allowance’ he is now eligible for ‘income support’ topping up!

Mr Grayling said: “It’s truly shocking that almost one and a half million people have had to struggle through their fifth Christmas trapped on incapacity benefits – all because they have not been given the right help and support to get into employment. This state sponsored neglect ends now.”

Hmmm, Mr Grayling doesn’t mention how may claimants are now medically unable to work because of poor or too late NHS treatment because there were disgracefully long hospital waiting lists!


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