Nigerians still at it!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieTwo Nigerian nationals were jailed for a total of 4 years and 8 months on 6 December after admitting taking part in two bogus marriages at a Coventry church.

Tunde Ayammiyi, 50, and Bukola Arinkanmile, 28, pleaded guilty to conspiring to break immigration laws and were sentenced to 20 months and 3 years respectively at Coventry Crown Court.

A third person, Oluseyi Adelana, 42, pleaded guilty to attempting to stay in the UK illegally and is due to be sentenced on 13 December.

A fourth individual, Oscar Prata, 45, an Angolan-born Portuguese citizen, has also pleaded guilty to his part in the scam and is due to be sentenced in February 2011.

All four individuals were arrested by agency officers on 29 October 2009 at St Chad’s church, Hillmorton Road, Wood End, Coventry just before a double wedding was due to begin.

Prata was due to marry Arinkamile while Ayammiyi was due to marry Carla Pavia Du Rusario from Portugal. Adelana was supposed to be a witness at the marriage ceremonies.

The immigration officers swooped on the church after the Rev Valerie Woods became suspicious of the wedding arrangements.

All five foreign nationals were arrested. Du Rusario was later cautioned and returned to Portugal.

The UK Border Agency’s investigation – codenamed Operation Brimrun – uncovered evidence which suggested that Prata had paid Du Rusario money to marry Ayammiyi, whom she had never met, and was flown from Portugal to Gatwick on a ticket paid for by Adelana.

Officers found mobile phones and diaries in Prata’s house in London which linked him with similar sham marriages in Northampton, Gloucester, Ilford, Dartford, London and Coventry.


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