Cypriots are eating our robins!

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Environment

The Weller household has been feeding wild birds in our garden for over twenty years, it started with the odd bit of old bread – doesn’t white bread get mildew on it quickly these days – progressing to a bit of the budgie’s seed then we went the whole hog and bought wild bird seed even recently getting niger seed. Have you noticed some pet shops spell it ‘nyger’ that’s because niger is a bit like the politically incorrect ‘N’ word how ridiculous is that?

Anyway I digress, in the last few years I’ve noticed we don’t get much bird variety in the garden, it’s all sparrows, collared doves and just lately a gang of starlings who have turned up since Mrs W has been making seed fat balls to hang up. One noticeable absentee is my old mate the robin who used to turn up nearly every day.

Then gor blimey, today Monday, I look on the back page of my newspaper – I’ve had to buy because I’m still not online since contractors cut the power line in the street and wrecked my phone line – and there it was a picture of a robin and the headline ‘millions of songbirds including robins being sold to restaurants in Cyprus’.

Apparently birds are being killed by trappers using pieces of wood covered in glue or nets strung up in trees, how barbaric is that!

Feathers are ripped off by these glue sticks and nets as the poor birds struggle to free themselves. The number of traps have tripled over two years equating to three million birds being killed according to the RSPB (Royal Society for Protection of Birds just in case you didn’t know).

These killed birds are made into a Cypriot delicacy of pickled or boiled birds known as ambelopoulia, one helping for some hungry punter will contain up to a dozen birds maybe my mate the robin from my garden.

The RSPB appear to be getting nowhere in their efforts to stop this massacre of millions of birds so perhaps a total boycott of Cyprus as a holiday destination should be attempted by some facebook bird lover. Remember a couple on facebook managed to stop Simon Cowell’s X Factor winner getting the number one record last Christmas.

When the Cypriots wake up to the fact that their tourist industry is collapsing maybe then they will stop this murderous practice and our gardens will once again be visited by a variety of migrating birds.


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