Cameron backs down yet again.

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieWill we ever have a prime minister with testicular fortitude or as I know it ‘bottle’ to stand up to the EU. If as is the general opinion that UK pays more into the EU than we get out of it surely financially we can get concessions or cut what we pay.

Already Downing Street David has shouted about a victory that isn’t over the EU budget, he said he was going to get a cut or freeze, but ended up paying more, a bit like Chamberlain returning from Munich.

Meanwhile, France and Italy managed to throw out Roma robbers from their midst against EU regulations, France has promised not to do it again so has got away with a rap on the knuckles.

Anyway the latest UK surrender involves prisoners, like murderers, rapists and paedophiles who refuse to live lawfully in our society, being able to vote in general elections for the first time in 140 years after David Cameron conceded there was nothing he could do to halt a European court ruling demanding the change.

Whatever next, prisoners forming their own political party and being let out to canvass.

I’d be surprised if prisoners will be bothered to vote they seem to have better things to do.

A female officer, Giselle Woodford, 28, a married mother, resigned her post at HMP Onley, a Category C Prison near Rugby, in Warwickshire, three weeks ago after being accused of having sex with an inmate.

Apparently she is the fifth female officer to leave since 2004 amid allegations of having ‘inappropriate relationships’ with prisoners.

While I’m on my soap box, why are there university fees? Surely it’s in the interests of this country that those with brains get free higher education to become doctors, engineers, architects, scientists and the like to move the country forward.

I’ve always thought that older people were better educated, today’s secondary school leavers appear to be leaving without the basic knowledge that 1950’s children left primary school with.

What happens when the better educated old people die off?

By the way

GPs will be paid more money if they move to deprived parts of the country.

IlieFamily doctors, who already earn an average of £105,300, will be able to earn even more money if they open a surgery in a poor parts of the country.
Ministers say the incentive payments are vital to reduce the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor, which soared under Labour. MPs reckon family doctors were partly to blame for that gap because they prefer to work in leafy suburbs.

My theory is that in poor areas there are more patients with more illnesses because of the housing conditions they live in, poor income they receive but most of all the impossibility of getting appointments.

To get an appointment with our surgery is virtually impossible. If you phone up at 08-00hrs, when they open, you will find yourself in a phone call queue of about 46 other sick people , by the time you get spoken to all the appointments are gone and the prospective patient is told to phone tomorrow but of course the same thing happens the next day, the next day and so on.
Eventually you end up going to the local hospital to get seen or the out of hours doctor service or just put up with your medical problem and hope it doesn’t kill you.

It’s nothing to do with leafy suburbs it’s all about a stupid appointment system brought in by an incompetent Labour government. The ToffTory idea to solve the problem is to throw money at an already overpaid profession.


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