Tier 1 farce

Posted: October 29, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

IlieThe UK Border Agency has published a study which looks at the jobs being done by migrants who are in the UK under Tier 1 of the points-based system.

Tier 1 is supposedly for highly skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs but the study reveals that only 295 individuals of the 1,184 people sampled are actually being employed in skilled work, for example as an engineer, doctor or lawyer. It also appears that answering a phone also comes in this skilled category!

The remainder 889 are broken down as follows;

733, the UKBA haven’t a clue what they are doing

156, failed to to provide employment details suggesting they may have well disappeared

Immigration Minister Damian Green said, stating the obvious:

“While it is important that low-skilled jobs are filled, there are hundreds of thousands of British people who could be doing them instead of a migrant. ‘Those coming into the UK under the highly skilled migrant route should only be able to do highly skilled jobs – it should not be used as a means to enter the low-skilled jobs market.”

So we can expect a clamp down on this farce?

These figures compare with a survey published by the UK Border Agency in 2009, where 1,286 Tier 1 applicants were asked about their current employment status. The survey found that 900 of respondents reported being in skilled work, (were they checked though or just their word taken for it) 258 in unskilled work and 128 were not working at the time of the survey.

You can find the boring bumf HERE.

IlieNothing changes

ToffTory/LibDims are no different to Labour when it comes to introducing new crimes.

Fathers who are higher rate taxpayers could be fined if they fail to inform authorities that their partner is receiving child benefit.

How is that going to be enforced when child benefit is paid to the woman, a father will just say he didn’t know his wife was receiving the benefit or are the taxpayers going to pick up massive legal costs while some poor sap gets taken through the courts to prove otherwise?


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