Asylum seeker children take priority

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieAlthough Croydon Council has more than 1,274 children on its school waiting list it was was condemned in a High Court hearing this week for not finding appropriate schooling for three teenage Afghan asylum seekers.

During the judicial review hearing on Tuesday, it emerged two of the 14-year-old boys, who are in council foster care, had not been in full-time secondary school education since they arrived in Croydon only ten months ago.
Judge Keith Lindblom said the three youngsters had been the victim of a “lamentable failure” by council education chiefs.
What about the 1200 or so children already living in Croydon who have been waiting for school places even longer?

Give taxpayers money away why don’t you

Tunbridge Wells Council’s cabinet borrowed £20m from the government to buy the town’s Land Register office, which is to close. Three months after taking out the loan on July 19, the cash is still sitting in the council’s own bank accounts.
Under the terms of the loan it is obliged to pay the first year’s interest, even if it repaid all the money the next day. It agreed an interest rate of 2.38% over 10 years.
Three months after taking out the loan on July 19, the cash is still sitting in the council’s own bank accounts at a cost of £1,000 per day in interest.

Apparently the interest the council is earning on the unused money is only around 24% of that it is paying to the government.

IlieAnother gutless PM at the helm

The Prime Minister last week promised to fight plans to increase the European Commission’s budget by 5.9% and said its 2011 budget should be frozen or cut.
Last night, however, British sources conceded that the £107 billion EU budget will rise by at least £3.15 billion in 2011, with Britain’s share set to grow by £435 million.

Well done David that told them!

Seen this advert

Ilie‘Your body is a temple’, which launched on 14 October, features Steve who takes Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil capsules to maintain the health of his muscles, bones, eyes and skin. This results in his body creating a mini temple of worship for the health-giving properties of the capsule.

Did you notice though a sentence appeared on the screen for a few seconds that said ‘vitamins may benefit people on a restricted dietary regime

Doesn’t that mean the product is pointless for most people?


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