Children used as slaves

Posted: October 26, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

IlieSeven Romanian children were discovered without food or water and dressed in thin summer clothing working among fifty Romanian farm labourers picking spring onions last week.

Some of the children were with their parents but others appeared to have been brought to the field in the back of a box van on their own. The Gangmaster’s Licensing Authority (GLA) raided the field in the Kempsey area of Worcester with police last week after a GLA enforcement officer spotted the children working 24 hours earlier as she carried out investigations at another farm nearby.

The five girls and two boys aged between nine and fifteen, were being made to work from 7.30am until dusk. A GLA spokesman said two adults escaped from the field as the raid unfolded. The workers said they were not sure how much they would be paid, but intelligence suggests that a household of up to 40 people would get no more than £100 a week for the job. As well as the Romanians working in the field, there was also a second, smaller group of Indian workers who were working for a licensed gangmaster.

Thinking about Vinnie Cable who encourages use of migrant labour

Over the weekend Vinnie called for the New Forest to be protected after the government announced its plans to sell off our woodland, mind you he was speaking outside a cottage in the New Forest which his wife owns, NIMBY!

Another nice little earner for UKBA

More than half a million pounds in cash was been seized from two Nigerian men as they tried to enter the UK through Heathrow Airport.

UKBA officers discovered the money, which was in €500 notes and US$100 bills, when the pair were stopped as they arrived on a flight from Paris on Wednesday 20 October.

The men, a father and son, claimed that they were traders in wine, spirits and cosmetics and they were going to use the cash, which they were carrying in their hand luggage, to buy supplies for their business. Alternatively, maybe bride and grooms for Nigerian sham marriages?

Talking about Nigerian sham marriages

IlieA couple who had never met each other before exchanging wedding vows and never met again following the wedding at a church in Northampton in 2008 have been jailed for breaking immigration laws.

After being sentenced at Bristol Crown Court, José Castanheira, the 36-year-old Portuguese ‘groom’ who was paid £750, and Daureen Emeka, aged 37 from Nigeria supposedly face deportation from the UK at the end of their prison terms.

Castanheira, who worked under the false identity ‘Joao Santos’ at Walkers Midshire Foods in Leicester, was already married to a Cameroonian woman whom he wedded several years earlier in exchange for £3,000.

The Portuguese groom also committed a string of other crimes including acting as a ‘fixer’ for a separate sham wedding between another Portuguese-Nigerian couple, at St Bartholomew’s Church, in St Andrews, Bristol. That couple, who were charged and stupidly bailed are still being sought. The groom had been using a false identity to work for the NHS in the city and it was an investigation into this offence which led officers to Castanheira and Emeka.

Castanheira was arrested in April 2010 and, during an interview at Trinity Road police station, admitted receiving £500 to help arrange the Bristol sham wedding. Investigations revealed he had used 13 different aliases during his time in the UK.

At Bristol Crown Court on Friday 22 October Castanheira was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months imprisonment, with Emeka jailed for only 12 months.

Castanheira pleaded guilty on 10 September to facilitating illegal immigration by helping organise the sham marriage, as well as 5 further offences:

marrying a woman from Cameroon in 2003 so she could obtain leave to remain in the UK;

providing false documents to the Home Office to support the immigration application of his Cameroonian wife;

providing his employers in Leicester with false documents to pretend he was ‘Joao Santos’;

facilitating illegal immigration by marrying Daureen Emeka; and,

bigamy, for being married to 2 women.

Daureen Emeka pleaded guilty on 27 August to obtaining leave to remain by deception at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Meanwhile in Wales

Eighteen illegal workers have been found at businesses across Gwent following a week of raids by UKBA officers.

IlieOn Wednesday 13 October, officers found a 29-year-old Pakistani man who had entered the UK illegally working behind the counter at Nisa Stores, Aberthaw Rise, Newport.

Four Chinese immigration offenders were found at Sing Lee, Cross Street, Abergavenny, three men aged 31, 33 and 36 were working illegally in the kitchen, while a 36-year-old man was found in attached accommodation.

At USA Nails, Commercial Street, Newport, three Vietnamese men aged 19, 20 and 36, were found to be failed asylum seekers who had not left the UK when their claims for protection were turned down. That’s immigration bail for you.

On Thursday 14 October, two Pakistani men aged 23 and 26 were found working illegally at Shahbaz Tikka, Commercial Road, Newport.

At Hot Spot, Carmel Street, Abertillery a 46-year-old man from Pakistan, who was working behind the counter was found to have stayed in the UK illegally after his visa expired.

On Saturday 16 October at Hand Car Wash, Chepstow Road, Newport everyone working washing cars at the time of the raid had no permission to work in the UK. The six offenders were three men from Iraq aged 22, 27 and 28, an 18-year-old from Iran, a 30-year-old from Ghana and a 20-year-old from Palestine. The premises closed after officers left because no-one was left to serve customers. Should have been shut down permanently!

Finally, on Saturday 16 October at Hand Car Wash, Cromwell Road, Newport a 24-year-old Iraqi man was found working on the car wash forecourt. He was a failed asylum seeker with no legal right to work in the UK. Presumably another illegal on bail.


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