A waste of a tree

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Environment

IlieThe Weller household always buys Saturdays’ issue of the Daily Telegraph mainly for the football news. We take part in the Telegraph fantasy football as we are a competitive lot and it makes the football matches on Sky more enjoyable even though Andy Gray and his ‘what’s his name’ commentating mate do their level best to make matches sound boring with their irrelevant and inane comments.

Anyway I digress, nobody reads the rest of the paper other than the main bit which I read to see what is going on in the lunatic asylum called Britain. This week I happened to notice the sheer weight of the crap extras no one reads which go straight into the recycling bin.

Unbelievably the weight of this discarded paper which some tree gave up its life for is 3lb!

Apparently, according to the Telegraph website, the number of sold, reduced price and free copies of a title distributed on an average day over the stated period of time of 02 Aug 10 – 29 Aug 10 was, 673,010. So if only 500,000 Saturday papers were sold that’s a lot of 3lbs of tree being chucked into the bin.

Remember there are other newspapers who produce the same weight of paper that no one reads or wants on Saturdays and Sundays too; even if it’s read cover to cover it still ends up in the recycling bin.

No wonder ToffTory/LibDims want to sell off Britain’s forests, their newspaper owning mates are running out of wood to turn into paper which we throw away without reading!

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