The Great AOL Swindle

Posted: October 24, 2010 in British jobs for British workers, Broken Britain

Anyone else been ripped off like this?

IlieThe Weller household has been with Aol broadband for over ten years in fact since the last century but recently it appears some smart ass in their sales department found a way of getting an extra £ every month from their customers.

Aol supposedly e-mailed all members in August to advise that any accounts that are paid using a card would incur an additional fee of £0.99. To avoid this fee customers would need to change to a Direct Debit. Although I don’t remember such an email as I would have taken up the cudgels immediately.

When I complained the first time the extra money was taken out I was advised the discrepancy was because the date of taking the money from the Weller’s bank account had changed which seemed plausible when the next month the correct amount was taken.

However this month with a higher amount taken from the Weller’s hard earned money I received the extra charge excuse after we complained.

I’m not sufficiently clued up on banking matters to know what the extra cost of withdrawing money from customer’s bank account using card details or receiving a direct debit is but a £ seems an excessive amount.

I remember BT bringing in a charge for paying cash for the Weller’s phone bill but we are no longer with them we chose to take our business elsewhere!


IlieA newlywed Tunbridge Wells, Kent, couple Vanessa and Marco Palermo were advised by police to leave their Hunter’s Way house after being driven from their home by a knife wielding neighbour. But the lack of emergency accommodation in the leafy Tunbridge Wells suburbs means the family has to live apart.

Their two eldest children, Lee, four, and Katelyn, two, are staying with friends, Mr Palermo, 21, is living with relatives near Sevenoaks while Mrs Palermo, 24, switches between different friends’ sofas with their four-month-old-baby Tina, who was recently discharged from hospital with pneumonia.

The Palermo’s had to leave their home after a string of incidents from a neighbour, culminating in Mr Palermo being threatened with a butcher’s knife.

She said: “He threatened my husband with a butcher’s knife and before that was banging on the window trying to drag my husband out. We got told not to go back. We have been driven out of our home.”

A 43-year-old Tunbridge Wells man was arrested on suspicion of committing a public order offence on September 30. He is on bail until November 16. So because some judge, presumably trying to save the country money, didn’t lock this knife wielding maniac away this family have had to flee their home.

Town and Country spokesman Alexine Bullett said: “We are aware of a threat made to Mrs Palermo and have been working with her and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to move her”.

Excuse me, shouldn’t you be dealing with the problem cause rather than the collateral damage. Who’s going to move into the vacant house with a knife maniac and his ten kids living next door?

In designer clothes carrying car parts the illegals keep coming

Three Eritreans, two women and a man were prevented from illegally entering the country after they were caught hiding in a lorry load of car parts heading for Burdon, Sunderland. The stowaways were discovered in a Romanian registered lorry in Calais shortly after midnight on Saturday, 16 October, by UK Border Agency officers using a sniffer dog as they checked vehicles bound for Dover.

Meanwhile, six hours later, four Iranians and one Iraqi were prevented from illegally entering the UK after they were caught hiding in another Romanian registered lorry this time carrying designer clothes heading for Blyth, Northumberland.

The stowaways were discovered in Dunkirk, France, by UK Border Agency oficers as they checked vehicles bound for Dover. The officers searched the lorry after noticing that the security seal on the trailer had been tampered with.

‘Ere do you know

IlieMinisters are planning a sell-off of Britain’s Government owned forests as they seek to save billions of pounds to help cut the deficit. No public consultation to see if the British people want their forest sold off to ToffTories private enterprise mates then?
Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, is expected to announce plans within days to dispose of about half of the 748,000 hectares of woodland overseen by the Forestry Commission by 2020.

I wonder if the trees, which will surely be cut down by the new private owners, will be used to build cabins for Vinnie Cable’s Migrant Workers Army?

Meanwhile in last week’s Spending Review it was revealed that the ring fenced foreign aid will rise by £3.1 billion by 2014.

Let them drink water from the tap

Government departments across Whitehall use in-house filtering machines to turn mains water into bottled versions, even producing a carbonated drink. The imitation mineral water cost taxpayers more than £80,000 last year alone and an estimated £250,000 since 2008.

Figures show that nearly one in three immigrants in the Labour Government’s ‘tier one’ category for top-level applicants last year ended up doing ordinary unskilled jobs.

Tier one immigrants are categorised as doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs so skilled they could enter the UK without a job offer.


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