UKBA budget to be cut by 20%

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieUnbelievable, in a time when ToffTory/LibDims are going to cut benefits to those who can’t find jobs, even though there are no jobs out there certainly not enough for the few millions unemployed – apparently 5 people chase every 1 job vacancy – soon to be made worse by 500,000 public sector redundancies, the government is to reduce UK Border Agency’s budget by up to 20% over the next 4 years.

How does that make sense, cutting the budget of an organisation that seeks out and deports illegal workers supposedly freeing up jobs for the unemployed. Surely their budget should be increased?

Don’t even think the UKBA is not needed, eight immigration illegal workers were found working illegally in Cardiff and Cowbridge following raids by UKBA officers on Friday night (15 October).

At Mughal Emperor, Stalling Down, Cowbridge, three Bangladeshi men who were preparing food in the kitchen had all entered the UK illegally. The men, aged 29, 33 and 40, were taken to Cardiff Bay police station for further questioning before being transferred to immigration detention where they remain pending removal from the UK.

On Saturday morning (16 October), officers went to Hand Car Wash, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Llanrumney, after receiving intelligence of illegal workers there. Here five men who were washing cars on the forecourt were found to be failed asylum seekers who had not left the UK when their claims for protection were turned down.

Four men – three Iranians aged 19, 22 and 29 and a 23-year-old from Syria – were stopped from working and placed on immigration bail leaving them the ability to scarper again and start working illegally somewhere else, again! One failing of the UKBA is they have no continuity, some illegals can be held pending deportation whilst others get bail.

A 22-year-old man from Iraq was also arrested and remains in detention.


IlieDo you know the number of offenders convicted increased for the first time in four years but the majority avoided custody; soon to increase with the new government policy of not jailing criminals to save money.

A total of 9.59 million crimes were committed in England and Wales last year according to the official British Crime Survey estimate.

The courts convicted 1.4 million people during the year but of those, just 100,190 people were sentenced to immediate jail terms after being convicted.

That represents just 1% of the total crimes believed to have been committed.

The number of convictions increased by 3%, which was the first rise since 2005, but that mainly resulted in increasing numbers of non-custodial penalties.

There was a 10% rise of suspended sentences to 45,100, a 3% rise in community penalties to 195,800 and a 6% rise in fines to 945,500. The remainder were handed other disposals such as conditional discharges.

As they say on Crimewatch UK – Sleep tight & don’t have nightmares!

IlieAm I the only one to see the Emperor has no clothes?

I always thought the natural order of things like old people retiring from work had the benefit of freeing up jobs for the unemployed and school leavers and of course Vinnie Cables’ migrant worker army. But it appears the ToffTory/LibDims don’t see it that way. Their thinking is ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ seemingly making the elderly work until they drop to squeeze every penny in tax out of them before they die. Women working another 6 years before they can retire is their latest plan.

Common sense should shout out, get the young into work so they can get their feet on the monetary tread wheel and be bled dry by tax for 48 years. Not stop hundreds of thousands of jobs being created every year by the elderly retiring!

The amount of tax that is grabbed from non retiring workers’ wages can’t possibly compensate for the amount of benefit that will be paid out to those stuck on benefits at the other end of the labour market.


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