Everyone’s a Billy Bunter

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Broken Britain

Have I read this wrong or hasn’t this been proofread.

Ilie‘University of Oxford researchers analysed the health of a people on a range of different diets. They found that lower-meat diets could cut deaths from heart disease by around 31,000, deaths from cancer by 9,000 and deaths from strokes by 5,000 each year. At the moment, the average Briton eats one large beef steak, two portions of chicken breast, two pork chops as well as milk and cheese every day during the week.’

Every day are you sure, how many Billy Bunter’s are there?

Apparently eating no more than three pieces of meat a week could prevent around 45,000 early deaths and save the NHS £1.2 billion each year.The University of Oxford study said processed products, such as cheap burgers or sausages, were particularly bad for people’s health because of high levels of salt and fat. Doh, that’s why it’s called ‘junk food’, you don’t have to go to university to know that!

Dr Mike Rayner of the Department of Public Health, University of Oxford, said lives could be saved if people ate just three portions of meat each week and slightly smaller portions of dairy. For example a small beef steak, a chicken breast and two pork sausages. A portion of fish and eggs can also add protein. Hope the taxpayer hasn’t paid for this research which is basic common sense.

One law for them and one law for the rest of us!

The Chancellor George Osborne said, as I blogged yesterday, ‘benefit cheats are no better than street robbers’ yet here we have a peer robbing the taxpayer and getting away without a prison sentence or any other sentence for that matter..

Although Baroness Uddin has been told to pay back tens of thousands of pounds after a fraud inquiry into her expenses for a Maidstone flat, which she never lived in claiming it at her main residence, actually getting the money paid back is something else.

An investigation found Baroness Uddin wrongly claimed £125,349.10. But the matter was not a disciplinary one, so the committee recommended the Clerk of the Parliaments consider how the money could be recovered. No mention of going to prison for this blatant stealing from the taxpayer though.

Baroness Uddin, faces being suspended until the end of the current session of Parliament, which is up to Easter 2012 probably still being paid I shouldn’t wonder.

Changing the subject

This is why we have long term unemployed and millions homeless not because the unemployed don’t want to get jobs or because old people won’t move out of big houses.

This summer foreigners working in Britain topped 2.4 million for the first time after thousands arrived from abroad in the spring. It means the workforce of foreigners has surged by more than a million in only seven years. Naturally this figure doesn’t include the thousands of illegal workers we have.

Meanwhile the number of Britons in jobs fell by hundreds of thousands during the recession.

Another violent thug let off!

IlieA drunken and violent robber was spared jail yesterday. Rory Fagan left a teenager traumatised after mugging him and attacked a supermarket worker during a theft. After hearing the 21-year-old thug had learning difficulties and an alcohol problem, Judge Peter Moss said: ‘Put the two together and he becomes a lethal cocktail. I can envisage you in 21 years time still drinking and committing this sort of offending again and again.’

Despite this comment, the judge gave Fagan a community sentence, saying: “He’s not a well lad”.

Judges like this should be sacked shouldn’t they?


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