Even more violent thugs let off

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

Three thugs who attacked a man on a train before celebrating with high-fives were spared jail yesterday.

IlieA court heard how Frederick Doe, 25, Michael Tebbutt, 24 and Samantha Vander, 25, subjected their fellow passenger to a ‘volley of punches and kicks’ and repeatedly stamped on his head after he asked them to keep the noise down.

Captured on CCTV, the trio were then seen laughing and celebrating the violence. Yesterday, Friday, each defendant was handed a four-month suspended sentence and 300 hours’ community service by St Albans Crown Court, in Hertfordshire.

Doe and Tebbutt floored the man and then assaulted him with a volley of punches and kicks. Vander joined in and brutally stamped on the victim’s head and body using the stiletto heels she was wearing – laughing as she did so. The assault continued for several minutes before another passenger came to the victim’s aid and separated the group.

The victim was helped off the train by passengers at Ware station, before being transferred to hospital for treatment. He suffered injuries to his face and hands, bruising to his body and swelling to the back of his neck.

Yet a graffiti vandal, Craig Knapman, was sentence yesterday, at Canterbury Crown Court, to a young offenders’ institution for 15 months.

Although to be fair Craig Knapman’s had admitted nine offences of damaging property with 78 further similar matters considered and had failed to heed a warning in November last year when he was given a conditional discharge for a similar matter.

It cost Southeastern Trains about £15,000 to clean up each damaged piece of rolling stock landing the company with a final bill of £378,000, although I expect this is an inflated figure because labour costs would be included although the staff would be in place anyway.

Shepway District Council picked up a £6,600 bill and Virgin Media had to spend £4,000 cleaning roadside cabinets. Road signs were sprayed costing Kent Highways £630 to repair or over £2,000 to replace them. One of the listed properties was Folkestone Viaduct which because of its nature needed specialist cleaning costing £14,500.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t go to a young offenders’ institution just pointing out courts consider vandalism to property more serious than stamping on a man’s head!

To change the subject

IlieIt’s all very well Home Office bragging about how many potential illegal immigrants have been stopped from entering UK in France but until Britain where the ‘streets are paved with benefits’ is made unattractive to the worlds’ scroungers this sort of incident will keep occurring

A fifteen-year-old illegal immigrant was killed by the lorry he had used to smuggle himself into Britain.

Dastan Miraudali’s head was crushed under one of the giant wheels as he tried to get off at Ashford Truck Stop. It is thought the Iraqi had been riding on an axle when the articulated Scania travelled from the Continent that same day. Dastan was thought to have been with two other immigrants arriving at the truck stop in Sevington last December 15.

He had been crushed when driver John Smith was parking. Mr Smith had first reversed into a parking bay. Dastan supposedly assumed he had completely stopped and tried to get off. But the driver not knowing the boy was there, then moved slowly forward to straighten the vehicle and it was then Dastan was killed.

Just to highlight how many illegals we have working in the UK here’s todays list from UKBA website

Five illegal immigrants have been caught following raids on a restaurant and takeaway in Grantham.
Two illegal workers caught during a raid on a Chinese takeaway in Leicester.
Five immigration offenders caught by an operation targeting restaurants across Liverpool.

Tip of the iceberg springs to mind!

Here is how some plan to stay permanently

IlieIt was estimated that 31,050 couples married throughout the country last Sunday at Registry offices which opened especially because of the extraordinary date, 10th of the 10th of 2010; I did wonder at the time how many sham marriages would take place that day, here’s one at a church that didn’t make it.

Two foreign nationals were arrested in Nottingham on that Sunday following a UK Border Agency operation at a church where a suspected sham marriage was due to take Place.

UKBA officers stopped the wedding at St Stephen with St Paul Church, Hyson Green in the first few minutes of the ceremony, which began at 09:00. The bride and the groom were both arrested at the altar on suspicion of conspiracy to breach immigration law.

The bride, Folashade Ladapo, a 35-year-old Nigerianregular blog readers will know why that’s in bold type– of Noel Street, Nottingham and the groom, Ramsley De Kaster, a 42-year-old Dutch national of no fixed abode, were subsequently charged and appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 11 October. Both were remanded into custody until 25 October when they are due to appear at Nottingham Crown Court.

Good news for the taxpayer but bad for ex-X Factor singer

Following a written ministerial statement by the Minister for Immigration, the UK Border Agency will be resuming enforced returns of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe.

This means that all Zimbabweans living in the UK illegally, including X Factor reject Gamu Nhengu and her benefit fraudster mum, now face enforced removal.

The 18-year-old had tearfully claimed that she will face a ‘firing squad’ if she is forced to return to the country under Robert Mugabe’s regime although she has been taking holidays in Zimbabwe and managed not to get executed.

More taxpayers’ money wasted

Taxpayers have settled more than £70,000 worth of parking and speeding fines incurred by civil servants at the Department of Work and Pensions who ran up 1,631 tickets over five years.

Also disgraced police chief Ali Dizaei has been forced to pay just £750 towards the prosecution costs of his corruption trial. The Crown Prosecution Service had asked that Dizaei be ordered to pay their £64,500 bill for the four-week hearing earlier this year. But despite owning three homes worth a total of £1million he said he was virtually penniless and able to pay only a tiny amount. After considering his case, Southwark Crown Court ordered that he pay £750 plus VAT towards the prosecution costs.

  1. Peter Garner says:

    Isn’t it time we got the “law” changed so that we could actually get judges that pass this kind of non-sentence struck off? I’ve investigated the options in the all-too-frequent past and found that you can only complain about a judge if it’s with regard to personal misconduct. What a cosy little club, and how it looks after its own!

    In this case I notice that the papers don’t name the judge, but if they did I suspect a lot of people would be calling for his resignation. As for the 3 scum, once can only hope that their employers have the guts to sack them.

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