Violent criminals being let off already

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

After I reported yesterday that judges and magistrate were being told to let violent criminals go free to save money it appears they have started immediately.

IlieA student who sped through central London in a stolen car, smashing into vehicles and leaving two police officers injured was spared jail today (Thurs). Jacob Lambe, 22, was caught after he crashed the silver BMW three-series outside Liverpool Street station and was surrounded by police officers in a van, on a bike and on foot.

A businessman who punched a policeman in the face following a drinks reception in the House of Commons walked free today (Thurs) after a judge said he had come ‘within an ace’ of going to jail. Publisher Ian Thomas, 41, screamed ‘this place is a shambles’ before lashing out at PC Christopher Leggett just yards from the Speaker’s chair.

Talking about the law is an ass

A foreign criminal who has cost the taxpayer at least £500,000 in a deportation farce will pocket a huge payout for compensation.

Since arriving in Britain claiming asylum, aged 15, the Somalian known as MH – you would think that as the taxpayer has spent so much money on this criminal that we’re entitled to know his name – has been jailed for more than a dozen crimes;

1996 jailed for robbery and cautioned for shoplifting,

1998 jailed for knife possession, dangerous driving, shoplifting, burglary and theft,

1999 jailed for threatening behaviour, shoplifting and robbery

2001 jail for burglary and theft

2004 jailed for burglary

He has spent around 100 months in custody at a cost to the taxpayer of more than £300,000. The man, has been receiving legal aid throughout his criminal career. He was considered for deportation in 2001, but due to the immigration farce which the last Government presided over, he remained.

From 2004, when his last jail sentence was completed, to 2007, he was held in an immigration detention centre – at a cost of around £40,000 a year, to stop him scarpering. I wonder how many crimes he would have committed in that period?

Now judges, believe it or not, have decided that – for two months of that period – he was being held ‘illegally’ and will receive a compensation payout which usually averages out at £16,000.

He had wanted more and appealed the case through the court system, assisted by legal aid. He is still in Britain and as anybody facing removal to Somalia can claim their human rights will be breached he will probably stay here forever robbing us.

If the government had the guts we could send him to Libya where they would house him for a fee.

Hurrah for the hue and cry!

A daylight jewellery store raid was foiled yesterday when members of the public wrestled a masked robber to the ground.

Mind you I wouldn’t be surprised if the member of the public who wrestled the robber to the ground isn’t arrested for assault in this lunatic asylum called Britain!


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