Let violent thugs off to save money

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Broken Britain

Judges and magistrates were yesterday ordered to send fewer violent thugs to jail to save £20m a year.

New guidelines mean those guilty of grievous bodily harm or beating up a police officer will remain on the streets rather than going to prison. Courts will be told to count the youth or remorse of an attacker as a mark in their favour.

The Sentencing Council believes its move could save almost £20m a year to the prison and probation services and mean 4,000 fewer violent thugs being sent to jail.

What like this thug who killed a man and only received five years!

IlieTakeaway delivery driver, Simon San, 40, died in August, the day after John Reid, 16, punched him in the face, causing him to fall backwards and fracture his skull, resulting in serious brain damage.

Before the attack in Edinburgh, Mr San had been sitting in his car, outside Yong Hua Garden takeaway but got out after Reid and the gang he was with started rocking it.

At the time the police said Simon was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So sitting in car your outside where you work is asking for a gang of thugs to murder you is it?

Reid pleaded guilty at an earlier court appearance to the culpable homicide of Mr San. He admitted punching Mr San on the head in Lochend Road, Edinburgh, on 11 August, whereby he was so seriously injured that he died the following day in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Reid’s lawyer, Solicitor Advocate Jim Stephenson, said his client took full responsibility for his actions. He told the court: “He has expressed regret for his actions and the impact on the victim’s family”.

Presumably this statement of remorse got him such a light sentence.

Always an illegal, never the bride

IlieA 19-year-old Nigerian ‘bride’ Florence Babawale and her would-be ‘husband’, 23-year-old Czech national Pavel Mirga were arrested by UKBA officers as they arrived for a wedding ceremony at the Church of St Peters in Leigham Court Road on Saturday 7 August.

The aim of the marriage was to help Babawale stay in the UK. However, she had supplied the church with a passport containing a false residency stamp and had lied about her address.

During a hearing at Inner London Crown Court , 11th October, Babawale admitted perjury and possessing false identity documents. Mirga pleaded guilty to assisting illegal immigration. They will both be sentenced on 1 November.


A Hungarian bride was today given a jail sentence at Manchester Crown Court for attempting to stage a sham marriage.

Hungarian national Laura Klara Kolompar, 29, was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years and ordered to complete 150 hours community service. Pakistani national Sherez Ahmad Nawaz, 32, was previously jailed for 11 months in a hearing at Manchester Crown Court on 17 September.

The couple had arranged to marry at Manchester Register Office on 9 March 2010 but were arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency just prior to their scheduled ceremony.

The wedding plans for Nawaz and Kolompar had been so hasty that when they were arrested the groom still had labels attached to his new suit. He was also found to be in possession of adjustable size wedding rings and the bride’s bouquet was a bunch of flowers from a nearby supermarket. How romantic.

At an earlier hearing Nawaz of Mount Road, Gorton in Manchester had pleaded guilty to seeking to obtain leave to remain by deception and Kolompar of Blackburn Road, Bolton, pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful Immigration.

IlieMore from Vinnie Cable, maybe he should bring out a little book of his sayings like Mao Tse Tung

Here’s his latest, Business Secretary Vinnie says a foreign company would be allowed to buy up Royal Mail with no limit on how much they owned other than the 10% to be owned by its employees via shares as a sweetener to the Unions I presume.

His comments are a green light to the likes of Dutch rival TNT moving in who by the way successfully used European legislation to reduce the service for some Nederland areas from six to five days. So people who live in remote areas better look around for an alternative to posting mail.

Talking about government policies

IlieToffTory/LibDim have found a way of reducing the ‘strain on our resources elderly population’, it has emerged the Coalition is considering slashing cold weather payments down to only £8.50 from £25.

The £25 benefit is handed out if the temperature in the claimant’s area falls below zero for seven consecutive days and is considered vital by countless poor families and elderly people.

Mind you sticking a solar panel on qualifying elderly people’s houses would end this benefit and help to create energy for everyone else via the national grid. Get energy companies to buy the excess energy created then the Coalition can dock the money earned off pensioners other benefits – simples as a meerkat would say.

Pity ToffTory/LibDim plan is to kill off the benefit dependent elderly with cold!

‘ere, I’ve thought of a new criminal charge that can be introduced, Governmental Manslaughter!


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