Royal Mail, time for privatisation?

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Broken Britain

I was dead against privatisation of Royal Mail but I’ve recently changed my mind.

IlieFourteen days ago a small parcel was sent to me ‘standard parcels’ which Royal Mail state will be delivered 3+ days although as it has come to pass a 1 digit seems to have been left off in front of the 3.

It was sent by recorded delivery which comes with a Track and Trace number. After eight days and no sign of the parcel I got the track and trace number off the sender but what a misrepresentation that is.

There is in fact no track or trace because after the number is given out at the post office at time of sending, the parcel disappears off the face of the earth until eventually either a delivery address is given which isn’t yours, which means the parcel has been wrongly delivered and the person at that address has decided to steal it or no address ever turns turns up.

This leaves the sender and receiver considering the other options (a) it has been stolen by a Royal Mail employee or (b) the postman couldn’t be bothered to deliver it.

Fourteen days passed and finally something came up in the ‘Track and Trace’ box, ‘the parcel is being returned to sender as undeliverable’.

Now I see the postman every day and during those eleven days of possible delivery not once has he tried to hand over the parcel.

A crap service- you decide!

Mind you considering how many illegal workers are being employed in the UK by companies I’m not surprised that we are becoming Broken Britain.

For instance

IlieEight illegal workers have been arrested at a food processing plant in Acton.

UKBA officers visited the premises of Joubère on Dukes Road in Acton on the morning of Thursday 7 October, where they questioned staff to ensure they had the right to work in the UK and examined staff records.

The eight men, five Indians, a Sri Lankan, a Brazilian and a Palestinian, were arrested for a variety of immigration offences. The majority are suspected of supplying forged or counterfeit identity documents to gain employment.

Here’s where they might have got the forged documents from

Four people have been arrested following a UK Border Agency operation targeting a criminal gang suspected of providing fake travel and identity documents.

Officers from the agency’s Thames Valley immigration crime team raided five properties in the Oldbrook, Netherfield and Springfield areas of Milton Keynes on the morning of Thursday 7 October.

At one of the addresses, in Oldbrook, they found a considerable quantity of fake documents and items used in their manufacture.

Those in custody are:

a 40-year Ghanaian male arrested on suspicion of possessing apparatus and materials for making false documents (ID Cards Act);

a 37-year-old naturalised British male arrested on suspicion of obtaining leave to remain by deception;

a 33-year-old Ghanaian national arrested on suspicion of possessing a false document and overstaying his visa; and,

a 23-year-old Congolese (DRC) national arrested on suspicion of possessing a false document and illegal entry.


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