Who’s crapping on us now?

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieA farmer was ordered to burn £8,000 worth of crops after human waste was found strewn across his land.

Ian Clegg discovered faeces and sanitary towels dumped in his fields when he went to tend to his livestock.

An investigation has now been launched into how the waste came to be dumped on Brooklands Farm, near Kettering in Northamptonshire.

‘I went out shepherding with my son at about 5pm on Tuesday and we found the stuff spread over an area of about 25 acres,’ Mr Clegg said.’It’s spread all across my fields which were growing animal feed which we have been told by the vets we have to dig up and burn now.’ We’ve been told by we won’t be able to use the field again until the spring. It’s a major incident covering a vast area. I’ve had to move my sheep and cattle indoors and have them all checked over by vets at great expense”.

An officer from the Environment Agency was on the scene yesterday morning amid fears the pollution may have affected a stream which runs through the site. ‘At the moment we understand the waste has come from a plane, although that is not something we have ever heard of before.’

Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Richard Taylor confirmed the organisation had launched an investigation to try to find out which planes were in the area at the time. The authority confirmed the airspace above Kettering was busy, with planes flying into Stansted, Luton and East Midlands Airports and a trans-atlantic route at 30,000 feet.

Talking about stopping being crapped upon

Birmingham City Council has decided not to renew its five-year contract, to house asylum seekers, with the UK Border Agency after June next year. Instead they want to house the rising number of homeless people who are in B&Bs. In total, there are thought to be around 6,500 people who are homeless in Birmingham.

The city is not the first council to pull out of such a contract Southampton ended its deal in May 2004 and Wolverhampton council is understood to be ending its agreement with the Border Agency too.

Under the contract, the Border Agency rents homes from the council, which then pays the asylum seekers the benefits to which they are entitled.

Birmingham council helped form the West Midlands Consortium, in which public and private bodies joined with the agency to provide homes for those claiming asylum. However, Cllr Lines said “Birmingham had taken in around 1,000 asylum seekers this year, mostly from Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and north Africa, while the agency only paid for 200 homes”.

Mind you asylum seekers will continue to come to the city but will have to live in privately rented accommodation paid for by the Border Agency which means the taxpayer pays!

It’s not benefit claimants making UK bankrupt it’s criminals like this

Roy Young a former director at giant City brokerage Tullett Prebon, is said to have transferred millions of pounds stolen from the taxpayer in VAT scams out of the UK. He transferred £200 million of criminal cash abroad in just two years, a court heard. He used his private currency exchange business to send vast sums of dirty money overseas, it is claimed.

Young, of Veryan in Truro, Cornwall, operated from his anonymous office in a quiet street where he orchestrated a complex money laundering network across Europe, jurors at Southwark Crown Court heard.

The married father-of-three is said to have helped up to 100 criminal clients move cash made in a series of “missing trader” frauds, cheating the taxman out of tens of millions in VAT repayments.

David Barnard, prosecuting, told the jury that Young used his World Wide Currencies Limited business (WWC), based in Bromley, Kent, as a vehicle for money laundering on a massive scale. He said: “Near Bromley North Railway Station is a little road called Newman Road, and in Newman Road is a small office block. “Between 2004 and 2006, one floor of that office block was rented by a company called World Wide Currencies.

“During that period, the currency business dealt with about £500m worth of currency, and of that, the prosecution say about £200m was the proceeds of crime. “In effect, put in simple terms, what the prosecution say is that that agency in Newman Road was being used by criminals as a way of laundering what is popularly called dirty money. “It was a way in which the proceeds of fraud on the Revenue could be effectively moved abroad.”

The court heard that Young worked at top foreign exchange brokers Tullett and Tokyo, now Tullett Prebon, from 1988 to 1997, becoming a director in 1993, and later returning to the business in 2003 as a business development manager.

In 2004, he set up World Wide Currencies with three other partners, taking charge of the company’s corporate clients section.

Mr Barnard said: “The company had in the region of 290 corporate clients, of which the crown say 100 are engaged in fraud.”

The fraudulent companies were engaged in VAT fraud, fraudulently reclaiming millions of pounds in tax and laundering it through Young, it is claimed.

Young denies seven counts of money laundering, while Munden, his alleged accomplice, of Borough Green Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, denies two counts of failing to disclose information to the authorities.


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