Qatar student fiddles £250,000 in benefits

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Broken Britain

This is why illegal immigrants and bogus students should be found and deported as soon as possible.

Mohammed Al-Sulaiti, 35, enrolled as a PhD research student at Swansea University at the same time as he was claiming asylum in the UK.

He told the UK Border Agency that he had no access to money and had no means of housing and supporting his wife and children, qualifying him for cash support and free accommodation.

UK Border Agency investigators later discovered that he had several thousand pounds in different bank accounts, numerous business interests and financial investments and was being sponsored to study in the UK by a medical firm and the government of his home country of Qatar.

Al-Sulaiti was in the middle of an expected four-day trial at Cardiff Crown Court on fraud charges when he made a late guilty plea on Monday 4 October. He is due to be sentenced at the same court on 4 November.

Mr Al-Sulaiti’s deception began when he entered the UK on a student visa in 2005. He soon claimed asylum and during his application he signed a form declaring that his family had no cash, savings, investments or property.

He was given asylum support which included accommodation in Swansea, payment of all utilities and vouchers to the value of £90 per week for him and his family on condition that he did not work while his asylum claim was considered.

However, in May 2007 Mr Al-Sulaiti began working illegally as a postgraduate research assistant at Swansea University’s School of Medicine, having provided the university with false documents stating he had the right to work in the UK.

As well as being paid for working, Al-Sulaiti successfully applied through Swansea University to the Overseas Student Research Fund for a bursary in order to pay for his tuition fees even though he was being sponsored. Lax or no checks carried out here then.

In total, it is believed Al-Sulaiti fraudulently obtained financial support and accommodation worth nearly £210,000 from the UK Border Agency, £33,000 in tuition fee payments from Swansea University and the Overseas Student Research Fund and £10,000 in illegally-obtained wages from Swansea University.

Al-Sulaiti was arrested by officers from the UK Border Agency’s immigration crime team at his house in Courtney Street, Manselton, Swansea on 30 March 2010 after they were alerted by officials from the agency’s asylum support team who had spotted the potential fraud was being committed.

He was charged with benefit fraud and was being tried at Cardiff Crown Court when he pleaded guilty. Al-Sulaiti’s asylum claim was turned down before the trial and his wife and six children were removed to Qatar in April. The UK Border Agency will look to deport Al-Sulaiti from the UK once any prison sentence is served.

Attempts will also be made to recover the money from Al-Sulaiti under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Stop laughing, they did say “attempt”!

Last lorry to Coalville

IlieFive foreign nationals were prevented from entering the UK after they were caught hiding in a Hungarian lorry heading for Coalville in Leicestershire by a sniffer dog in Calais.

Four Iraqis and an Iranian were discovered when UK Border Agency stopped the Hungarian registered lorry on 18 September.
Officers then boarded the vehicle and found the stowaways hiding amongst a load of car parts.

The cargo was on its way to Bardon Hill, Coalville. The would-be illegal immigrants had sneaked on board by slashing the roof of the trailer and resealing it once inside.

A Cabinet minister has suggested that the work shy should stop having children if they cannot afford them.

IlieCulture Secretary Jeremy Hunt called on the jobless to take responsibility for their families. He said “it was not the duty of the state to fund an increasing number of offspring with benefits”.

Mind you when the kids grow up and get jobs the government will be only too quick to start taxing them to the hilt like the rest of us!
That’s if the government can come up with a better education system than the present one that appears to spend most of its time teaching migrant children how to speak English whilst their parents take the few jobs that are being created.

Neither No 10 nor the Treasury spoke against Mr Hunt comments, therefore presumably condoning what he says.

Nearly 100,000 people on benefits have four or more children, with more than 900 claimants having at least eight.

A hundred years ago governments were glad of so many children being born so they could become ‘cannon fodder’ for their global wars!


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