Curfew lifted so criminal can go on holiday

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieA violent criminal had his bail curfew removed by a sheriff yesterday so he can spend a week on a foreign holiday.
Teenager John Harrison will fly out of Scotland this morning for a week’s holiday despite being due to appear in court to be sentenced for several crimes today.

Harrison was placed on a curfew and ordered to stay indoors every night from 7pm to 7 am after he admitted lashing out at police officers who tried to arrest him. Since his initial arrest however he has carried out a violent attack on a man and broken into a woman’s home and stolen jewellery worth thousands of pounds.

Harrison was placed on the curfew after admitting that on 3 July this year he struggled violently with police constables Iain Scougall and Nichola Forrester and lashed out with his arms and legs in Coupar Angus.

He also admitted that on 13 August he broke into Jillian Norris’s home in Coupar Angus and stole a large quantity of jewellery including a military medal. He stole a gold pocket watch, two gold link chains, a gold lighter, two silver pendants and chains, a gold pendant and chain, a string of pearls, a wallet, three mobile phones and a tub of hair gel.

Harrison also admitted attacking and injuring James Powell in Queen Street, Coupar Angus, on 24 September by punching him repeatedly on the head and body. He was subject to two bail orders at that time.

Ten illegals caught hiding in washing machines

IlieTen foreign nationals were stopped from illegally entering the UK after they were caught hiding in a lorry load of washing machines heading for Teesport, Middlesbrough.

The stowaways were discovered in Calais, France by UKBA officers using heart beat detection technology as they checked vehicles bound for Dover.

Four Afghans, four Iranians, one Palestinian and one Iraqi were discovered when officers stopped the Hungarian registered lorry in Calais shortly after midnight on Tuesday 21 September.

Seven illegal workers caught in one restaurant!

IlieSeven illegal workers were arrested on Thursday 30 September following a raid on Shimla Kebab House, Great Horton Road, Bradford.

UKBA officers questioned staff and undertook checks to ensure they had the right to work in the UK which resulted in seven arrests. They are all believed to be of Pakistani and Indian nationalities with ages ranging between 21 and 42 years old.

They were arrested for a variety of suspected immigration offences that included overstaying or violating the terms for their visas and entering the UK without permission.

Of the seven arrested, six remain in detention for further questioning and arrangements are made to try and remove them from the UK. The seventh, a 21-year-old Pakistani man was released on immigration bail. Won’t see him again!

The Great Millwall Share Robbery update

Millwall FC’s share consolidation plan won the day as expected because each share has one vote so the high rollers easily out voted the small shareholders resulting in a nice £100,000 plus of small shareholders’ money being put into the Millwall Trust and their shares gone forever.


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