Home snoopers seek rewards

Posted: October 5, 2010 in BIG BROTHER

A business that has private snoopers operating from home is up and running.

IlieThe business, Internet Eyes, which started on Monday, was granted approval by the Information Commissioner’s Office. The site is aimed at businesses that cannot afford security guards to watch their cameras 24 hours a day.

The snoopers, each watching up to four screens at a time, supposedly will receive rewards of up to £1,000 when offenders are caught. Firms pay £20 a week for the service which has the snooper texting them if a shoplifter is spotted.

Apparently more than 13,000 people have already shown interest in acting as snoopers.

No point me doing it, I’m rarely able to get a signal on my 3 mobile these days. The shoplifter would have time to sell on the nicked goods by the time my text arrived.

A £1,000 reward seems a bit unbelievable when considering shoplifters these days just get on the spot fines of £80 and most are just ‘nicking’ a few pounds worth of goods.

Mind you, how long before businesses pay these at home snoopers to spy on employees working at their desks?

Or even, how long before at home snoopers operate from India because they will except less monetary rewards?

Hmmm, any business with a bit of common sense would make a sign saying ,‘This shop is Internet Eyes protected’ and save £20 a week.

Now how do I get on Dragons Den to get finance to make the signs?

I predict Internet Eyes will soon go bankrupt unless the government takes an interest in using these home snoopers.

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