British carriers using Polish labour

Posted: October 2, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

IlieA delegation of the four leaders of the main Holyrood parties yesterday met Defence Secretary Liam Fox to discuss the future of the £5.2 billion aircraft carrier programme and bases around the country.

They were bolstered before their meeting by public backing from two Lib Dem Cabinet ministers Mr Cable and Mr Moore, who have argued that the aircraft carrier programme is an essential part of Britain’s industrial strategy.

The fear that one or both of the new carriers could be cancelled has put into question 10,000 jobs on the Clyde and in Rosyth as well as the future of shipbuilding in Scotland and the UK.

Talking about the jobs building the carriers.

Apparently cut-price Polish workers have been drafted in to help build the two new multi-billion-pound aircraft carriers.

Experts said it was the first time a Royal Navy shipbuilding programme has required the mass recruitment of overseas workers. So much for 10,000 Scottish jobs!

Some of the Polish welders are paid £8 an hour for the job whilst British workers get £15 an hour. Employers sub-contracted to the job by BAE say they turned to dozens of Poles because they couldn’t find UK workers with the required skills. Can’t find welders on the Clyde, what they mean is Poles will work for half the wage no wonder Vinny Cable wants Britain flooded with migrant workers. These carriers have been in the planning stage for years if there were no welders surely common sense would be to retrain unemployed workers before the build started.

Special security passes have had to be created for the workers because of the difficulty of carrying out full background checks. So how do they know if these cheap workers can actually weld, what a country! Also employers have been forced to put up signs in Polish to comply with health and safety rules.

Earlier this month up to 120 Polish labourers started work at Portsmouth Naval Base. What’s the excuse here, labouring doesn’t require any special skills that Poles have over British workers surely.

Talking about supplying foreign labour

Five people have been arrested as part of a major UK Border Agency investigation into a gang suspected of supplying illegal workers to UK employers.

Approximately 150 UKBA officers and police officers took part in early-morning raids on 15 locations in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

The raids followed an 8-month investigation by a south east immigration crime team into the supply of illegal workers.

The workers were being provided for an employment agency based in Crawley.

An 61-year-old woman and a 48-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of facilitating a breach of the immigration laws and money-laundering offences at two addresses in Crawley. Another woman, aged 44, was also arrested on suspicion of facilitating a breach of immigration laws and money laundering at Clacket Lane service station on the M25.

Two men, both from Sri Lanka, were arrested on suspicion of facilitating a breach of immigration laws at separate addresses in Crawley. All five are now being questioned at police stations in Sussex.

Around 25 people, believed to be mainly Sri Lankan nationals, were arrested for immigration offences at a number of locations in Sussex and Surrey.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    No doubt Mr Cable means that the attraction to foreign workers is that they will work for less money.
    I wonder if the taxes paid by each Pole on these jobs will be enough to keep a British worker and his family on benefits !
    Somehow I doubt it!
    And they call the man an economic genius.

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