Yobs’ damages claim against catapault man thrown out

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieA homeowner who injured a group of thugs with a catapult as they terrorised his neighbourhood has won backing from Judge Gareth Hawkesworth who threw out the teenagers’ claims for damages.

Bruce Harwood, 38, and his neighbours were subjected to a two-year reign of terror by 20 youths who urinated on the front door, threw eggs at the windows and regularly caused disturbances into the early hours.

The electrician finally snapped when the louts followed a car through the electronic gates protecting the Grade II listed building in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. As the female driver ran into the building fearing for her safety, electrician Mr Harwood grabbed a catapult and fired a several ‘warning volleys’ of small ball bearings at them.

Three of the thugs were accidentally hit, leaving them with minor injuries to their legs and groins, he was arrested by police. He has now admitted causing actual bodily harm and been ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid community work. Should have got a financial award for doing police work for them.

But in a common sense victory for victims of anti-social behaviour, the judge threw out the yobs’ claims for £1,200 compensation each, saying they ‘brought this very much upon themselves’.

Another sham marriage stopped

IlieOfficers from the UK Border Agency’s Thames Valley immigration crime team swooped on Reading register office at around 14:00, yesterday just as the service was about to start.

The would-be bride, a 25-year-old Polish national, and her groom, a 22-year-old Pakistani man were both arrested on suspicion of perjury. Two witnesses, both Polish men were also arrested on suspicion of assisting illegal immigration. All four are now being questioned by police and UKBA officers.

At the same time officers carried out searches of three addresses in the Southall and Northolt areas of west London.


By the way that newly opened £780m wind farm off the coast of Thanet has actually created only 20 jobs not the “hundreds of jobs” promised by media hype.

Here’s a thought, if the taxpayers have paid for all those wind farms to be constructed shouldn’t our energy bills start going down as we no longer have to pay for the raw material that create energy nor staff to maintain expensive power plants.

IlieHow long before ToffTory/LibDim force these people into one home to free up homes for migrant workers?

The number of men and women ‘living apart together’ has increased by 40% in the last decade, it is thought that around one million couples now keep separate properties.The survey, carried out for Halifax Home Insurance, suggests that young couples live apart because they are reluctant to sacrifice their independence.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Note that NONE of the little sh**s were charged with anything by the police ,or rather the CPA !
    Why ,I wonder , does the Crown Prosecution Service exist ?

  2. Howard Thomas says:

    As regarda ‘windfarm .com’ …….I bet that the costs will be falling on the customers of the energy companies in the form of increased charges.

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